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Topic: Air Canada
Username: Advmr
Posted 2001-02-02 04:15:45 and read 753 times.

This summer I will be traveling to France on Air Canada, via Montreal. I was wondering if you could tell me what aircraft this would be on? Also, what type of inflight services does Air Canada offer? I know that many European carries, such as Virgin Atlantic, offer PTVs in the seatbacks along with excellent service and food selection. Is Air Canada similar in calliber to this? Thanks for your help!
~ advmr

Topic: RE: Air Canada
Username: Airman99o
Posted 2001-02-02 04:42:15 and read 708 times.

Depending on what you are flying, if you are in First or excutive first you will have AMAZING service. Unsure of the plane you will be on since the take over of Canadian. Hopitality is also very good. Food is good, movies always the newest releases. Sevice I always find good. the aircraft, might be a 747-400 or the a-330 or the 767. so take your pick of the three. All very nice aircraft. Hope you enjoy your flight.


Topic: RE: Air Canada
Username: CPDC10-30
Posted 2001-02-02 04:45:50 and read 703 times.

Check the aircraft type at

Topic: RE: Air Canada
Username: Jojo_76
Posted 2001-02-02 06:55:10 and read 686 times.

Air Canada does not have PTV's in economy.

Topic: RE: Air Canada
Username: AC_A340
Posted 2001-02-02 14:40:12 and read 665 times.

It's either the 330 or the 747-400M. I myslef am heading to France on Air Canada too. Although I am going through Toronto on March 22. I'll make a trip report when I get back.

Topic: RE: Air Canada
Username: Noise
Posted 2001-02-02 15:45:30 and read 653 times.

Depending what time you are leaving YUL, you will be going on either a 747-400 or a 767. AC has 2 flights daily from YUL-CDG.

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