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Topic: New Kodak B&W Film
Username: L-188
Posted 1999-08-09 03:51:16 and read 911 times.

Has anybody out there tried out that new Kodak Black and White film. It is processed through the C-41 process. This is the same way that color film is developed. This means that this black and white film can be developed at those 1 hour places.

I just got a roll to try out. I went down to Lake Hood to take some shots of the floatplanes down there. It is at the developers now. I'll let you know how it comes out. I just was wondering if anybody else had tried it out and what they thought of it.

Topic: RE: New Kodak B&W Film
Username: Stlbham
Posted 1999-08-09 05:03:17 and read 879 times.

I work at a one-hour lab. I have done a few rolls or the new B&W film. The pictures to me were pretty good. I was pretty surprised how good it came out actually. Other people think the same thing because we cant keep the film in the store. Hope your pictures turn out great.


Topic: The Results Are
Username: L-188
Posted 1999-08-09 05:28:08 and read 882 times.

I just got the film back from the 1 Hour developer and this is the result. I took these shots this afternoon.

You be the judge but I think that I will be useing this film again.

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