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Topic: Help With DL Flight . . .
Username: Kaitak
Posted 2001-02-07 22:32:02 and read 2632 times.

I wonder if any Delta people can help me.

I'm flying DL from DUB-ATL-MCO next week; had hoped for a 764, but booked on MD80; nothing can be done there as I'm flying with others and don't want to separate the group.

However, on the way back I fly from TPA. There is only one 764 flight a day which leaves at 9.15. Just visiting the DL website and saw there are about 7 coach (and a fair few F class) seats remaining. What's the best way to get that flight; I know it means I have to spend the whole day at ATL (oh what SHALL I do there!!) before flying back to DUB, but this is my best shot at a 764 flight . . .

Should I . . .

a) Ask to be put on standby for the early flight,
b) change my ticket to the earlier flight (cost?)
c) other options? How much would it cost to get an upgrade? How likely would they be to upgrade me "out of the kindness of their hearts" (I am a Skymiles cardholder, although this will be my first trip as such).

Any help would be most welcome.

Topic: RE: Help With DL Flight . . .
Username: Uncle Leo
Posted 2001-02-07 22:54:28 and read 2579 times.

Dear Kaitak,

Please be assured that we at Delta airlines place the satisfaction of our customers near the top of our list of priorities. In fact, the only thing we value more is our healthy bottom line. Well, also repainting the whole fleet every few years, but thats not relevant here.

Delta Air Lines must be competitive in the aviation marketplace. Hence, we were forced to raise our change fees for domestic itineraries from $75 to $100 just last week. However, as a valued international customer, we have a special range of services in place for you. You can still enjoy changes to your itinerary at the same flat low rate of $150 per change (based upon availability of fare class).

Delta maintains a "no-charge" same-day standby policy. This means that we give stand-by priority to those people who are not charged anything, namely our non-rev employees.

Delta has instituted a new mandatory training course for all our agents which teaches them how to deal politely with special passenger requests such as upgrades. This is another enhancement to our popular "Simply Good Business" policy that has been developed through extensive polling of our most frequent fliers (namely, our non-rev employees). Agents who have completed this program will now be trained to say "NO" in thirteen different ways and are also able to laugh in your face more politely than before.

Kaitak, thank you very much for your interest. If you need to spend the entire day waiting at Tampa airport after we deny you a seat on an earlier flight, may I reccomend a one-day pass to the Crown Room Club for the unbeatable low cost of $60.

Your Friendly Uncle Leo

Topic: RE: Help With DL Flight . . .
Username: Woody
Posted 2001-02-07 22:59:14 and read 2571 times.

I'm sorry you had to read that post by "Uncle Leo". When will people learn that when you ask a question you expect a real answer? Anyway I can't help much, but you might want to ask DeltaSFO, he seems to know how the whole system operates.

Topic: RE: Help With DL Flight . . .
Username: Delta15
Posted 2001-02-07 23:12:46 and read 2569 times.

dub-atl gets into atl at 3:55;correct? Well then why dont you go on flight 1975; a 764 that leaves at 5:50, leaving just about 2 hours after you arrive giving you plenty of room. and also getting you there about fifteen minutes earlier than the Md80 flight.

Topic: RE: Help With DL Flight . . .
Username: Seasonedflyer
Posted 2001-02-07 23:29:43 and read 2549 times.


Checked my schedule and DL 1975 is a 767-300, not a 767-400. This makes sense as all flight numbers in the series 1960-1999 are used by International aircraft flying on domestic routes.

And the 764 is not an Int'l aircraft at Delta Air Lines.

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