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Topic: Royal Jordanian: First 787 Could Be 30 Months Late
Username: Aviationbuff
Posted 2008-05-03 05:37:46 and read 3424 times.

Royal Jordanian: First 787 could be 30 months late


Royal Jordanian Airlines is expecting a delay of up to 30 months for the introduction of its first Boeing 787 as a result of the production setbacks recently disclosed by the airframer.

The carrier has ordered 12 of the type, of which eight will be leased, and had been scheduled to take its first 787 in 2010.

Royal Jordanian chief executive Samer Majali, speaking as the airline disclosed its first-quarter financial results, said that its first 787 would be delayed by “one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years”.

“one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years” - thats too vague

Majali says the airline is negotiating to secure alternative aircraft to fill capacity on the carrier’s network in the interim period.

Does 330 comes into picture?

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Topic: RE: Royal Jordanian: First 787 Could Be 30 Months Late
Username: GlobeEx
Posted 2008-05-03 05:48:29 and read 3392 times.

I do have a question which I always wanted to ask since the delays with the A380.
Taken that Boeing in that case does have a contract with both the leasing company, in this case LCAL. When their aircrafts are now delayed it will result in a loss in income for both airlines. Will now both airlines be entiteled for compensation? Okay, i guess this will, like everything be up to the contract,.... just wondering.


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