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Topic: AC 845 May 8, 2008 - 763 - XM'd?
Username: Psyops
Posted 2008-05-03 00:37:36 and read 2416 times.

According to most of the information I can find, the majority of AC's 763's are now XM'd. I am on AC 845 Frankfurt to Calgary on May 8 which shows as a 763, anyone know if this will be an XM'd bird?


Topic: RE: AC 845 May 8, 2008 - 763 - XM'd?
Username: CF105Arrow
Posted 2008-05-03 07:48:49 and read 2338 times.


I did a flight search on AC's website, It shows your flight as an XM'd 763. Thus, unless the plane is changed at the last minute, it should an XM'd plane.



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