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Topic: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: DABAceFlyer
Posted 2001-02-21 19:28:35 and read 3786 times.

I just recently flew on an American 727-200 from MIA-DCA and I was astonished at how quiet the new hush kits were. I usually dred flying in 727's, but this time it was a really pleasant flight. (Not to mention the increased legroom.) Good job hush kit designers!

Topic: RE: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: Starship
Posted 2001-02-21 20:36:44 and read 3708 times.

A 727-200 noisy on the inside?! You have to be kidding!
I have flown 727-200s without hushkits a number of times and I would never have considered them noisy. Try a Junkers Ju-52 sometime (especially with the windows open)!

Or a Bell Jetranger. If you need to wear a headset with boom mic to be heard - that's noisy. I have never seen anyone in the cabin of any 727 wearing a headset.

Topic: RE: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: Critter
Posted 2001-02-21 22:32:34 and read 3673 times.

News Flash..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

American has converted there B727-200 with the Riesbeck Hush kit. This particular version does nothing to the engines, that I am aware of. It is done all by flap settings and thrust ratings. Along with some minor modifications to the wings. This method is a whole lot cheaper than the Engine Modifications done by RORH or BF Goodrich. I will do some research as to the specifics of the changes.


Topic: RE: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: Critter
Posted 2001-02-21 22:49:57 and read 3658 times.

Topic: American 727's Hushkitted?

Username: Beechbarron
Posted 2000-05-27 04:39:36 and read 313 times.
Are American's 727's hushkitted with another model hushkit than the fedex one? I recently noticed at Hartsfield that there are no tailpipe mufflers on them. They are much louder too!!!


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Topic: RE: American 727's Hushkitted?
Username: AAR90
Posted 2000-05-27 05:06:27 and read 127 times.
Raiseback modification -- whatever that is. I read about it once or twice, but didn't pay any attention since it'll never be flown out on the left coast. Sorry.

Topic: RE: American 727's Hushkitted?
Username: DFW-JETS
Posted 2000-05-27 05:16:30 and read 128 times.
A pilot I talked with at AA stated that there are 2 727 hushkits that AA uses. A expensive one and a cheap one, the expensive one for the 727s that are going to be retired last, which are the ones that now have the longer tailpipes, and the cheap kit is on the planes retiring soon, and have the regular tailpipe. Thats how he explained it. Sounds accurate to me....

Topic: RE: American 727's Hushkitted?
Username: DL_Mech
Posted 2000-05-30 02:11:15 and read 76 times.
FEDEX offers several different versions of their hushkit. The longer tailpipe version is a high-gross weight version that involves extensive work on the forward engine mount assembly, as well as adding the long tailpipes with a "daisy-petal" inside and a two-inch extension aft of the compressor inlet guide vanes. The tailskid is changed as well. Some of our Delta shuttle planes have the low-gross weight FEDEX hushkit which have the short tailpipes with only the "daisy-petal" installed. Flaps are locked out of the 40 Degree position on both. The Raisbeck kit has different versions as well. Their high-gross weight version has an external "daisy-petal" similar to the old turbojet 707's. Their "cheaper" low-gross weight kit (which AA has bought) changes the leading-edge flap and slat actuators to increase lift from the wing (which requires less T/O power). This is all I know about the Raisbeck kit, so the mod could be more involved than what I have described here.

Topic: RE: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: KMIA
Posted 2001-02-21 22:54:55 and read 3644 times.

the 727 was and will be always quiet inside, hush kits or not................

Topic: RE: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: Exusair
Posted 2001-02-21 22:55:02 and read 3642 times.

I thought hush-kits only affected the noise outside of the aircraft. Due to the positioning of the engines at the back of the a/c you wouldn't be able to hear the noise of the thrust generated, only the buzzing of the compressor. You can definitely hear them on a 727 if you are in the last 2 rows or on the aft f/a jumpseat. The noise is definately nominal in the front of the plane.

Topic: RE: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: Critter
Posted 2001-02-21 22:57:22 and read 3643 times.

Here is some more information from the Tech-ops forum.

"Hush Kit" is really a generic term. I think the correct term for a hushkit is a physical modification to the engine itself. But it is apparent that there are some other modifications that are being considered hushkits that don't modify the engine in any way.

Raiebeck's level 1 "hush kit" modifies the flap settings to a max flap 25 landing and derates the engines. It's marketed as a hush kit as wit hthis modification the plane meets currents stage 3 noise standards.

I hope this helps.


Topic: RE: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: Mx727
Posted 2001-02-22 19:22:45 and read 3599 times.

A 727 with hush kitsmakes the same noise, but the range of this noise is in a very short area. Flap setting for landing is limited to 30 degrees, so you need less engine power on final approach.
Noise inside of the aircraft is not changed due to de hush kit. It depends on the speed the pilots want to fly it. A climb at 340 knots is very noisy inside.

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Topic: RE: 727 Hush Kits Wow!
Username: KLM747
Posted 2001-02-22 22:36:11 and read 3569 times.

I personally think the 727 is quiet the way it is. Great classic airplane!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

KLM747 Big grin

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