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Topic: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: B777
Posted 2001-02-25 19:03:41 and read 2855 times.


Just want to let everyone know that Discovery Channel is airing a replay of the show "Boeing 777, the 21st Century Jet" today (Feb. 25) at 4:00 EST. I haven't seen it yet so it is going to be great!


Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: MaxPowers
Posted 2001-02-25 19:58:19 and read 2750 times.

thanks man for the info, i am going to pop me some popy corn

Max Power

Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: TEDSKI
Posted 2001-02-25 20:43:10 and read 2729 times.

Is that the show that involves an American 777-200ER that flies from DFW to LHR with a pilot who retires after the flight back to DFW?

Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: Carioca Canuck
Posted 2001-02-25 20:44:51 and read 2725 times.

Thanks for the headsup !!!

Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: Falcon Flyer
Posted 2001-02-25 20:52:35 and read 2716 times.

Different from the program that focused on an AA 777, I believe this one is a 4 part series detailing the entire process in the development of the aircraft.

Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: LMML 14/32
Posted 2001-02-25 21:05:33 and read 2699 times.

This is a three part documentary, which describes the process of building a B777 from the computer right up to the test flights. It includes interviews with John Cashman, chief project test pilot, and footage of the meetings at Boeing. Very impressive is the Gear Fire tolerance test, where the giant plane is shown aborting a take off, full braking is applied and the brakes heated to the point of ignition. The plane has to withstand a gear fire for an entire 5 minutes for certification. With the fire tenders standing by, the gear is alight and nothing is done. After 5 minutes and $750,000 worth of damage, the fire is put out and the plane certified.
Do not miss it !

Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: HA_DC9
Posted 2001-02-25 21:49:10 and read 2685 times.

According to the Discovery Channel website the show is one of the "On The Inside" series. I believe that this is the show that focuses a lot on the AA777 flight and the retiring pilot. The 5 part show about the 777 that people mention is made by PBS and I havent seen them air it in years. BTW, PBS has remarketed and reissued the series in a 3 cassette VHS set that sells for about $50. I picked one up at my local Borders Books and Music. PBS originally issued the series in a 5 cassette VHS set and sold for over $100. The new boxed set is the exact same set with 2 episodes on 2 tapes with 1 episode on the 3rd tape.

Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: An-225
Posted 2001-02-25 22:16:37 and read 2660 times.

This is going to be interesting - I hope someone at home records it for me. I will be stuck here protecting the library  Sad

Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: Singapore_Air
Posted 2001-02-25 22:51:33 and read 2650 times.

What about discovery Europe??


Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: B744
Posted 2001-02-26 00:45:07 and read 2628 times.

It's definitely a great programme, if it's the same one that was showing herwe in NZ last week. They showed engine tests, which involved hurling small rocks and dead birds into them, plus enough water for a 'one in a billion year storm' through at maximum revs. Also showed the wings having upward pressure applied until breaking. Overall great stuff!


Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: TEDSKI
Posted 2001-02-26 00:53:41 and read 2624 times.

I saw that program today also, and I noticed the test on a 100% TITANIUM fan bladed P&W 4000 series engine designed for the 777 involving a contained fan blade failure and shooting birds and other debris into it and it passed with flying colors.

Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: Thom@s
Posted 2001-02-26 14:13:36 and read 2574 times.

I saw it like 2-3 years ago on Discovery.
I liked when John Cashman said that "during an evacuation, you don't stop and look around, as you may be trampled (sp?) by the pilots."  Smile
Good program.


Topic: RE: B777 On Discovery Channel
Username: Coboeing777
Posted 2001-02-27 02:39:02 and read 2535 times.

I have that set of tapes from PBS on the making of the 777. It's a 5 tape set. It's really interesting. It starts out with the conceptual drawings and designs on computers to the race to get ETOPS certification for delivery to United. These tapes cover almost everything. It truly is amazing how they designed that plane. Anyways, the set cost $90 from PBS originally, but I picked mine up on ebay for half that. It was definitely worth the price to me.

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