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Topic: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: DETA737
Posted 2001-03-07 00:52:32 and read 1763 times.

Every year Aviation Week and Space Technology publishes a list of the 50 largest airlines in the world I was wondering if anyone had the latest list available.

Topic: RE: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: Nrlcd
Posted 2001-03-07 00:56:57 and read 1695 times.

I don't have the list, but I know that United is the largest airline in the world.

Topic: RE: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: Ady
Posted 2001-03-07 01:42:25 and read 1672 times.

I only Know the First two

1) British Airways
2) Air France

Topic: RE: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: Vctony
Posted 2001-03-07 01:50:11 and read 1660 times.

Actually it goes something like this:
1.) United
2.) American Airlines
3.) Delta Airlines
4.) Northwest Airlines
5.) British Airways
6.) Lufthansa
7.) Continental
8.) Air France

I am certain that all of these are in the top 8. I know #1-5 are accurate but #6-8 may actually be in a different order.

Topic: RE: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: Nrlcd
Posted 2001-03-07 02:31:19 and read 1638 times.

I think you have it exact...again, maybe 6-8 are a little out of order, I dont know-but it looks pretty damn accurate to me.

Topic: RE: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: L'Espace180
Posted 2001-03-07 02:39:18 and read 1632 times.

Well it depends... Air France is not the 8th, I believe.

Well in I don't know which type of bigest, UAL is 1, LH is 2, AF is 3.
For the pax transprted, DL is the biggest...I don't know what after (AA?) and in europe AF is 1, and LH is 2 and BA is 3

Topic: RE: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: Mx727
Posted 2001-03-08 07:48:23 and read 1579 times.

United,American,Delta,Northwest,British Airways,Continental,Lufthansa,Air France,JAL,US Airways,SIA,Qantas,Southwest,KLM,ANA,TWA,Cathay Pacific,Air Canada,Thai,Alitalia,KAL,Iberia,MAlasya,Swissair,America West,Virgin,Varig,China Airlines,SAS, Air NewZealand,Saudiarabian,Alaska,Sabena, SAA, Ansett, Air China, Emirates,Japan Air System, TUrkish, El Al, Garuda, Aeromexico, Air India, Gulf Air, Mexicana, Pakistan International Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, TAP, Egypt Air, Olympic Airways.

In that order, based on 1999 revenue passenger miles

Topic: RE: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: GKirk
Posted 2001-03-08 09:07:35 and read 1556 times.

In Europe the biggest airlines are 1-BA,2-LH,3-AF,4-SK

Topic: RE: 50 Largest Airlines
Username: Airnewzealand
Posted 2001-03-08 09:16:09 and read 1556 times.

I know AirNZ is know in the top 20 since they bought Ansett!! It is posted all at my sisters work. I think it is 11th or 12th.


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