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Topic: CO To Cuba?
Username: Gnomon
Posted 2001-03-03 05:31:07 and read 1329 times.

Continental's electronic timetable for PDAs shows one daily roundtrip flight between Miami and Havana (CO 4919 outbound and 4918 on the return). It's operated by 733 equipment. CO's Web site doesn't reveal any alliance carrier operating the 4900 series of flights (the most likely, COPA, is in the 9000 series), nor does it provide any dep/arr info for CO4919 or CO4918, nor does the desktop version of the electronic timetable show any service between MIA and HAV.

My question: Does CO operate to Cuba? I know that, under the US trade embargo, it legally can't, but it's not uncommon for some companies to get relief and/or exception from political embargoes in special circumstances.

Moreover, a pic from (I don't have it handy...sorry) depicts a Continental 737-300 parked at Havana at night. More info would be great.


Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: Iahcsr
Posted 2001-03-03 06:39:48 and read 1218 times.

CO flights numbered 4900-4959 are charters. Exactly who this charter is operated for I know not. But it is a CO aircraft and crew.

Topic: Bet It's Copa
Username: Toxtethogrady
Posted 2001-03-03 06:56:19 and read 1193 times.

COPA is not bound by the same heavy-handed trade restrictions that US carriers must abide by. However, it's surprising they can operate the route nonstop. Maybe it's a stopover on the way to Panama.

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: COexERJ
Posted 2001-03-03 07:16:45 and read 1193 times.

It's not a Copa flight, it's a charter.


Topic: But Not From Ewr?
Username: Toxtethogrady
Posted 2001-03-03 07:21:34 and read 1181 times.

Convenient for those New Jersey Cubans on Torricelli's bandwagon...

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: Mx727
Posted 2001-03-03 08:40:49 and read 1164 times.

the other day i had a flight from Miami to La Habana on a Mexicana 727, and we parked to the left of a Continental 737, It was not COPA. it was Continental. So yes: they fly from Miami to La Habana

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: DeltAirlines
Posted 2001-03-03 14:43:43 and read 1143 times.

I wish they would drop the embargo with Cuba. They are no longer a threat to us, and the only skirmishes we have with Fidel now are over immigration. We have gotten over China and Vietnam (who we fought a horrific war with), but now Cuba, who we invaded in the JFK reign, but not since. Washington should give it up and help give the Cubans some more modern technology.


Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: ContinentalEWR
Posted 2001-03-03 16:19:33 and read 1142 times.

It's a charter flight for Cuban-Americans who regularly can visit their families in Cuba. United does this route


Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: Alpha 1
Posted 2001-03-03 20:14:25 and read 1104 times.

I was recently talking with two of CO's flight deck crew who were doing that charter for about a month. It's a charter sanctioned by both governments to let relatives visit each other. It's been using a 738, and it's been packed. The fare is something like $749 roundtrip, USD, and it's a huge money-maker for CO.

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: AA767400
Posted 2001-03-03 20:27:32 and read 1101 times.

AA does it mia-hav on a 757, and is always packed!

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: SegmentKing
Posted 2001-03-03 23:20:07 and read 1082 times.

The Continental Charter is a wet-lease from Gulfstream International Airlines. Contact 954 266 3000 and they will give you the # for the Cuba charters.


Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: Chepos
Posted 2001-03-03 23:34:40 and read 1074 times.

If the embargo ever goes away you will see airlines from the US running to Cuba , But I dont imagine a Cubana plane in the US . By the way Copa operates a daily Panama City-Havana and back flight that has nothing to do with Continental . The Continental flight is a charter flight that has nothing to do with Copa operations.
Puerto Rico

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: JetsetTX
Posted 2001-03-04 05:30:10 and read 1051 times.


Yes, you are right... Copa does have daily service from PTY to HAV. CO is not permitted to codeshare on it; however, I wouldn't exactly say CO has nothing to do with it. CO owns 49% of CM. We codeshare with CM on all other flights but are not allowed to due to the antiquated and useless embargo. It's time for the embargo to go and I believe within the next 10 years it will go.

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: PHLFlyer
Posted 2001-03-04 21:52:45 and read 1023 times.

The US Govt. allows charter flights I believe from MIA and JFK to HAV. US residents and citizens can visit family members in Cuba once a year I believe. There was a thread that talked about this maybe in trip reports, concering a UA 777 in HAV.

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: Mx727
Posted 2001-03-05 08:12:55 and read 1004 times.

Mexicana has been flying charters from Miami to Cuba since some years ago. First they were via Cancun or Nassau, and since 1998 they were direct flights. Destinations are La Habana, Holguin and Camaguey.

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: JetsetTX
Posted 2001-03-06 18:10:28 and read 985 times.

Actually MX, I was checking out the Mexicana website and thsi direct flight you mentioned from MIA-HAV is not shown. Is it a charter? It must be as the US does not permit scheduled service from the US to HAV.

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: Mx727
Posted 2001-03-08 07:51:05 and read 970 times.

Hi Jetset.
Yes. It's a charter flight

Topic: RE: CO To Cuba?
Username: USAFHummer
Posted 2001-03-08 13:57:40 and read 961 times.

So there is no way I could get tickets for this flight???


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