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Topic: UA 767-300 Temporarily Lost Power To Both Engines
Username: Dl727-200adv
Posted 2001-03-09 01:58:33 and read 2803 times.

Aviation week is reporting that on Sunday UA flight 42 a 767-322ER lost power in both engines. The flight was leaving HNL & 70 miles from the island of Hawaii the crew responded to an overheating problem with one of the aircraft's PW4060's by shutting the engine down. Shortly afterwards power was lost in the other engine as well. The pilots decended & were able to restart both engines. The flight was diverted to KOA. The aircraft involved was fuse # 715 reg. N666UA (lucky number huh?) delivered in 1998. The aircraft was ferried back to SFO & subsequently put back in service. The NTSB has pulled the DFDR & will be reviewing the data to investigate the incident.

I wonder how they managed to inadvertently shut down the second engine? Didn't a DL crew do something like this shortly after they put the 767 in service?


Topic: RE: UA 767-300 Temporarily Lost Power To Both Engines
Username: AJ
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