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Topic: Continental, TWA, United Cancelled
Username: Neilalp
Posted 2001-03-12 03:02:46 and read 1591 times.

I was looking at the flights going to steamboat springs CO (HDN) today and i noticed that the continental flight (flight # 581) was rerouted to DEN. The TWA (flight #641) to ABQ. and United cancelled at DEN. Could this be due to weather in Steamboat, i know it is a hard area to land in with the mountains and no tower their. I looked at the weather for HDN steamboat and they weren't getting tons of snow just 1 inch and they said p. cloudy. Does anyone have any idea of why this happend?


Topic: RE: Continental, TWA, United Cancelled
Username: Big777jet
Posted 2001-03-12 05:59:04 and read 1499 times.

Low ceiling clouds possible cannot land due RVR rules by FAA. Or ILS out of service or airport might be small plane crashed or accident on the runway? I don't know what happen in HDN today. Interesting news.


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