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Topic: 30 Years Of Deregulation Today
Username: Simairlinenet
Posted 2008-10-24 07:21:54 and read 3121 times.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of airline deregulation in the U.S. President Carter signed the Airline Deregulation Act into law on 24 October, 1978.

Lots of thoughts here:

Time for me to run away from the mess to come below...

Topic: RE: 30 Years Of Deregulation Today
Username: Contrails
Posted 2008-10-24 13:31:14 and read 3068 times.

I remember this. There are many who were opposed to this, and there are many who are opposed to it now. It has allowed me to see a lot of the world I would have never been able to see otherwise, but it also resulted in the disappearance of some the world's great carriers, such as Braniff, Pan Am, etc.

I guess we'll have to let history decide if it was right or not.

Topic: RE: 30 Years Of Deregulation Today
Username: WorldTraveler
Posted 2008-10-24 13:30:07 and read 3068 times.

AA, DL and UA were all much smaller carriers in 1978 relative to the industry than they are today. There are always winners and losers.

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