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Topic: Dubai Airshow 2009 Staying At DXB.
Username: LEEDS19
Posted 2009-01-25 09:00:03 and read 2754 times.

Dubai Aishow 2009 was planned to be at the new JXB Airport but these plans have now been scrapped it seems as a result of the Global financial crisis and will remain at DXB int'l this year,FlyDubai are also expected to launch in the coming months from DXB probably from Terminal 2 but negotiations are still taking place with the Airport management.

Topic: RE: Dubai Airshow 2009 Staying At DXB.
Username: Lightsaber
Posted 2009-01-25 11:51:34 and read 2585 times.

From the link:

however, MEED reported this week that work has been suspended on the $450m Exhibition City, which is part of Dubai World Central.

I'm curious as to what aspects are suspended. I believe the airport will still open, but when?

I see certain projects are having cash flow issues. So which will be mothballed and which go forward? I do not know.

But what will happen with JXB in the short term? This is an aviation forum so we should focus on the aviation issues.

Moving the airshow makes sense. If the economy is down there might be half the attendance. That was the issue for the last air show was that the attendance was greater than DXB could handle while operating.

This doesn't bode well for the Emirate...
This article was interesting:

Basically it implies lower O&D traffic to/from Dubai for two years.


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