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Topic: Virgin Atlantic--Serious Issues (caused Fire) With Wiring
Username: Gwyire
Posted 2009-02-13 08:59:51 and read 4175 times.

following the diversion of of a VS 340 to SNN serious issues have been raised regarding the a wiring loom whereby protective covers were not installed and this with other issueings resulted in arcing.

full report is here

Topic: Virgin Atlantic--Serious Issues (caused Fire) With Wiring
Username: B6JFKH81
Posted 2009-02-13 09:28:18 and read 4065 times.

Based on this report, it seems like (and I may be completely wrong) the cover for this loom was not put into the EO to do the galley mods so when the galley was modded the cover was not installed. But at the same time, again based on the report, it seems like a very simple fix.


Topic: Virgin Atlantic--Serious Issues (caused Fire) With Wiring
Username: Zeke
Posted 2009-02-13 10:15:01 and read 3872 times.

Quoting Gwyire (Thread starter):

From the report

"Initial indication was that the lower edge of the metal waste bin made contact with the wiring loom. Information from drawings provided by the Operator indicated that two runners should be installed in the bottom of the compartment to keep the bin above the wiring loom, thereby avoiding contact. Furthermore, a protective metal cover should be installed over the loom in the bottom of the compartment. No evidence of the presence of the loom cover or rails was found. Initial inspection indicated the possibility that they were never fitted.
The bar unit installation was a modification, specific to this Operator, which was installed in this aircraft three years ago, seven years after the aircraft was manufactured."

So it was a VS mod which may have been done by an approved contractor that was never completed correctly, lucky they caught it when they did.

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