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Topic: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Rw774477
Posted 2001-04-03 12:35:35 and read 2127 times.

I'm flying EWR-FRA on Friday. What is LH's policy on cockpit visits ?



Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Airbus_A340
Posted 2001-04-03 12:50:56 and read 2077 times.

I flew Lufthansa from Hong Kong to Frankfurt/Main and there was no problem visiting the flight deck.
Trevor aka Airbus_A340

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: SailorOrion
Posted 2001-04-03 12:51:58 and read 2067 times.

Usually, pilots let you in the cockpit. Exceptions: takeoff, landing and some others....

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Johnnybgoode
Posted 2001-04-03 13:05:17 and read 2067 times.

i only got very nice experiences with LH pilots. i always ask if i could pay a visit to the cockpit and it was never denied. however, i find the LH pilots not that chattily, but still friendly.
still, the nicest experiences i have with Condor cockpit crews. one was in 1990 on a flight from FRA to Puerto Plata, on a DC-10, where i spent such a long time in the cockpit. time flew by really fast. and the most memorable experience was also with Condor in 97 on a 767-300 from cologne to cancun. i spent more than 90 minutes!!! in the cockpit and when i finally wanted to go back, the captain asked me if i wanted to be in the cockpit during landing!!! and i can tell you that was an excellent experience. it wasn´t the first and only stay in the cockpit during landing, but it was the most memorable!!


Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Gyro
Posted 2001-04-03 14:48:10 and read 2043 times.

I fully agree with Johnnybgoode,

I've never been denied a visit to the cockpit either by LH and my most memorable visit was flying from Mexico to Frankfurt on a 744 and I sat in the cockpit for two hours over Newfoundland... Great pilots!!! I went back to my seat and over Ireland the stewardess came to my seat and said that the pilots invited me to be there for the landing. It was AWESOME and they even gave me all the charts for the flight!!!
I must say I played an important role ( Big grin) in the landing by handing the captain a blue folder which is on a little bookshelf right next to the observers contained the Frankfurt approach charts!!!

Another time from Frankfurt to San Juan (Puerto Rico) the DC10-30 had a "Zwischenlandung" in Antigua and we stayed aboard because the transit lounge was full and we didn't need to refuel anyways, I walked around and of course up to the cockpit, they invited me in at once and the Capt. let me sit in the left seat while he got himself some coffe....Oh man, I tell ya'...Never felt so important in my life!!!

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Lindy field
Posted 2001-04-03 15:19:17 and read 2032 times.

LH let me and my gang of Dutch friends in the cockpit on a flight from Frankfurt to Casablanca in '98. Beautiful view of the Alps... The flight attendants also supplied us with plenty of alcohol--I'm sure a bit more than for the average passenger. Must say, it was an excellent flight! I certainly recommend Luftwaffe over American Trans Air, which recently lost my luggage!

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: AviationIvi
Posted 2001-04-03 15:54:47 and read 2022 times.

you can see the cockpit as long as you ask on time!!! When you fly from EWR to FRA it gets dark very fast and most FAs would say that First Class is sleeping...(blahblahblah). Ask after take-off and I´m sure you will see the cockpit. I spend some flights in LH cockpits and the pilots are okay. Enjoy you time there (I think it will be a 747-200)!
Regards from FRA

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: AviationIvi
Posted 2001-04-03 17:17:08 and read 2016 times.

Hi again,
by the way: if you are interested in aircraft spotting at FRA check out this link:
It´s my brand new FRA-spotter-site showing all spotter points at Frankfurt Airport.
Have a nice flight!

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Sushka
Posted 2001-04-03 17:29:20 and read 2007 times.

I was in 2 A319 cockpits on flights to Samara and Frankfurt. My sister was in a 747-400 cockpit from Frankfurt to Chicago. They sure are nice, I just wish they would let you stay up there for the entire flight.

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Godbless
Posted 2001-04-03 18:30:41 and read 1992 times.

Well I want to share my experiences as well...
in 1995 i flew FRA-MEX on board a LH 744 (D-ABVD). eight of the eleven or twelve hour flight I spent in the cockpit! I also sat their during approach to MEX. It was great! The crew was the best you could have. We talked and talked and talked...
Then I also had the chance to visit the Cockpit on an A321-100 (D-AIRL) flight from FRA to ARN in 2000. They only let me sit in the cockpit during take-off and landing, they wanted their peace during flight!!! Usually they just let you come during the peacefull flight... Well that crew thought different...  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
And I had a cool day last year, I sat in the cockpit the whole day. For 200DM (about 80 US$) I flew FRA-STR-FRA-ATH-FRA, sitting only in the cockpit! (A310-300 D-AIDF, soon to leave LH's fleet. Plane bought by the German government) While we stud at the gate I could go outside eith the pilot to do the walk-around.
So all I can say is that Lufthansa is the best airline to go with if you love to visit the cockpit! Btw: I also have good experience with Air Canada...

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Johnnybgoode
Posted 2001-04-04 13:30:12 and read 1977 times.

nice page, aviationivi, next time i go to FRA i check back your page again...  Big thumbs up


Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Victor Hotel
Posted 2001-04-04 14:58:45 and read 1961 times.

Sorry this doesnt have to do with LH, but recently (23rd of march) I flew Malaysia Airlines NRT->PEN on an A333, and they were just about to let me sit in the jumpseat for landing, after asking lots of questions like my age and nationality etc. The captain then said no, but let me visit the flight deck. I found out shortly after why he denied it, we had some very bad turbulence just before landing(we had to fly through a huge storm), like very bad, the plane dropped many times. I guess they didnt want to risk having someone on the flight deck during that incase they panicked or somthing. Then the other day (2nd of april) I was allowed to sit in the jumpseat of a 734 (9M-MMD) on MH from LGK->KUL, that was great the pilots were very friendly, showed me the Jeppesen book with the course for landing and the gate and taxiway allocations at KUL. The captain and First officer were really friendly aswell and talked lots with me and explained things. Then I asked again on the flight later that day on a 744 from KUL->NRT, and the japanese flight attendant said no straight away without checking with the captain, claiming it was for safety reasons. I couldnt work out why though, when all the others had atleast asked.

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: Sushka
Posted 2001-04-04 16:18:27 and read 1954 times.

Wow, I wish I could sit in the cockpit, your lucky Godbless

Topic: RE: Lufthansa Cockpit Visits
Username: AviationIvi
Posted 2001-04-05 10:33:01 and read 1940 times.

Thank you Johnnybgoode!!!

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