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Topic: Any News From AZ?
Username: Seemyseems
Posted 2009-05-09 10:58:18 and read 2602 times.

Hi I just wanted to know if theres any news from Alitalia?

Does anyone know of any fleet changes and when the AP name will dissapear?

Thanks, Sam.

Topic: RE: Any News From AZ?
Username: WAC
Posted 2009-05-09 17:03:18 and read 2532 times.

Well just last week they announced they are nearly at their break even point an dAF CEO said that the accounts were better than expected.
they now have around 4 new a320 since the take-over which have new interiors and AVOD.
As far as AP i believe they will keep the name but a/c livery will disappear.

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