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Topic: Expired Airline Company Trademarks
Username: Ridgid727
Posted 2009-07-20 07:15:13 and read 2353 times.

I was recently doing some registration work with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and was looking at some Air Line Trademark Names that have expried, and Could be available for the taking. Some I'm surprised that their reciever did not renew the trademark.
among the ones that are showing as dead trademarks are:

Air One, Air South, Muse Air, Wings West Airlines, Braniff International Airways (Braniff International Airways (The LOGO BI is still active), Swift Aire, Morris Air, Cascade Airways, Indepence Air, Air West (active in non-airline related industry), New York Air, Capitol Airlines, Bonanza Airlines, Air Florida (active in non-airline related industry) Reno Air, Pacific Express (active in non-airline related industry) Northeastern Airlines, Northeast Airlines, Midway Airlines, Texas International, West Coast Airlines, Presidential Airways, Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA is registered and active but only the letters) Air Alaska, Royal West Airlines, Western Pacific Airlines, Mountain West Airlines, StatesWest Airlines, Pioneer Arilines, Legend Airlines, Pacific Western Airlines, Rocky Mountain Airways, Aspen Airways, Pacific Coast Airlines, Jetstream International, Grand Airways, Best Airlines, American Trans Air (ATA the letters is active at this time) Southeast Airlines, Tristar Airlines, SunWest Airlines, SunAire (active in non-airline related industry) Gem State Airlines, Golden Gate Airlines, Golden West Airlines, Wien Air, Mark Air

I'm sure there are many others, and just because they are dead doesn't mean anyone can just take them, as application and prosecution through the PTO would be required and of course the former owners could send in opposition to the taking of the mark.

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