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Topic: JFK Frequencies & Spots
Username: Gunzel
Posted 1999-08-29 14:50:34 and read 1860 times.

Hi Folks,

I'm planning a visit to JFK New York for some photography. Has anybody got any tips about locations for shooting. What frequencies would I scan to hear the planes and tower ?

Any assistance appreciated.


Greg Triplett

Topic: RE: JFK Frequencies & Spots
Username: Timz
Posted 1999-09-21 03:03:53 and read 1820 times.

All this is likely too late, but here goes. Usual caveat: I may have remembered some of these wrong, and some may be out of date, but not most.
Tower is 119.1; they add 123.9 in the busy late afternoon. Clearance deliv is 135.05, departure seems to always be 135.9.
Arrivals from the east are on Boston Center 132.3, who likely clears them to cross CCC (40-55.8, 72-47.9) at 12000 ft; they then call approach on 125.7.
Arrivals from the west talk to NY Center 132.6 (or conceivably 133.15?), who clears them to cross LENDY (40-54.9, 74-08.1) at FL 190. They usually call approach on 127.4. This likely includes flights from DFW and points north and west of there-- also some (all?) jet flights from the west into ISP. Flights from the Orient (and a few from Europe) are routed over IGN and also cross LENDY at FL 190.
Flights from the south (usually including IAH?) talk to NY Center on 118.975, who clears them to cross CAMRN (40-01.0, 73-51.7) at 11000 ft and then passes them to 127.4. When a flight comes up on 127.4, you learn which arrival he's on when he announces his cleared-to altitude. On 118.975 you'll also hear NE-bound departures out of PHL.

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