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Topic: Status Of The Imminent MCO Gate Switcheroo
Username: Monorail
Posted 2009-10-24 22:23:35 and read 1733 times.

Earlier this summer, it was mentioned here that there would be some gate shuffling in the not too distant future to balance out the traffic on the east and west checkpoints. Namely, CO is destined for the old NW gates on the 30's pier, and B6 is headed out of airside 4 to Conty's current gates on the 1-9 pier, along with taking one FIS gate on the 20's pier.

Major MCO Gate Shuffle Underway (by Phatfarmlines Jun 27 2009 in Civil Aviation)

I was just wondering what the time frame is now on this switcheroo. I haven't heard any new developments. Does GOAA have any other shufflings up their sleeves?

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