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Topic: Merging Op's At TXL, SXF Into New BER Airport
Username: Tobias2702
Posted 2010-01-08 12:30:11 and read 3706 times.

Hi guys,

I was just thinking a bit about how airlines will move to the new Berlin-Brandenburg Intl. airport once it is opened.
For those of you who are not familiar with the dates, here comes a small reminder:
BER is scheduled for opening on 31 October 2011. SXF will be shut down on the same day, TXL will follow half a year later (which would mean 30 April 2012).

Getting all aircraft, vehicles, staff etc. from SXF to BER is no problem at all, it's just beyond the runway. But I guess that BER won't commence its operations with just some low-cost carriers. I assume some "prestigious" airlines to operate from BER from the very first day. These would be the at least one of the two dominant carriers for Berlin (AB and LH), the American airlines (DL, CO), and most renown AF and BA. What do you think to be the best solution?

When the new pax terminal (now Terminal A) at TXL opened in 1974, pushing THF down as West-Berlins major airport, the then dominant airlines offered special flights o mark that day (BA with a Tristar to LHR, AF with an A300 to Paris, PA with a 747 to JFK). Is there any chance that there will be something similar in 2011?


Topic: RE: Merging Op's At TXL, SXF Into New BER Airport
Username: Tolmachevo
Posted 2010-01-09 00:07:30 and read 3431 times.

Maybe LH and AB might send their "flagships" but I cant imagine other airlines doing the same, it is unfortunitly not like the 60s / 70s any more. As far as I know MUC airport authorities are helping with the move as they have expierience in "moving" airports overnight.

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