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Topic: Ryanair To Offer Free Flights
Username: Aer Lingus
Posted 2001-05-13 14:40:17 and read 3210 times.

Dunno if this is old news for everyone here but here goes.
Ryanair are, by 2004, going to offer free fares at off-peak hours on 10% of their flights. CEO Michael O'Leary said that they already make enough surplus on Duty Free goods, Car hires, hotel bookings etc.... to facilitate free flights and will generate £9 million extra by the introduction of Satellite TV in the seat backs. Passengers will pay a small fee of approx £1.

Sounds good !
I'll take it any day  Smile/happy/getting dizzy


Topic: RE: Ryanair To Offer Free Flights
Username: Demoose
Posted 2001-05-13 14:47:08 and read 3183 times.

Ahhhh, but will it have the famous tax added, so you end up paying around £30!? You don't get anything for free, especially with Ryanair who just want to get some eye catching advertising.


Topic: RE: Ryanair To Offer Free Flights
Username: MEA-707
Posted 2001-05-13 14:50:04 and read 3171 times.

There are no free lunches in life, Martin. There must be some catch hidden away here.
The airport taxes in the UK are quite huge, I believe airlines have to pay taxes per pax, but if it's a lump sum (per aircraft, per route), it might be profitable to give a free ticket and make an extra 20 pounds or so on airport taxes, handling fees etc. Anyone more info on this procedure?
Or maybe it's only valid if you take an expensive return trip or so, or maybe it's some sort of temporary promotional to gain attention on the brand or new routes.
Otherwise, they can better keep these seats empty as the farepaying pax will be happy to have some empty middle seats, and every marginal passenger cost a few $ on additional fuel to lift the 150-250 pounds of 'load' , handling time, paperwork etc.
And all the more, the marketing communication effect of permanent free tickets would be negative, as farepaying passengers would be annoyed by the knowledge that their neighbor got it's seat for free while they paid 100 pound or so.

Topic: RE: Ryanair To Offer Free Flights
Username: Aer Lingus
Posted 2001-05-13 15:13:50 and read 3150 times.

The way i took it is that when the say 10% of flights, they mean 10% of the total number of seats available. That maybe 10 seats on each flight, seats that they wouldn't otherwise fill and their surveys have suggested approx 60% of pax but some sort of goods on board. Thats how they can make a small profit


Topic: RE: Ryanair To Offer Free Flights
Username: B737-700
Posted 2001-05-13 15:17:04 and read 3147 times.

They almost have this currently, too.
Fares starting at 1 Pound + 38POund in taxes or something.
So probably no big deal !


Topic: RE: Ryanair To Offer Free Flights
Username: LBA
Posted 2001-05-14 14:39:20 and read 3107 times.

MEA 707. Air Passenger Duty - the tax, is payable per passenger not per aircraft, then there are airport taxes which are payble to the airport and are per passneger. If you cancel a flight you can get the tax back - in theory. Ryanair liken the policy to that of going to the cinema. The film is cheap, but the other items which are part of the experience i.e food and drinks are very expensive and therefore the film is subsidised.

Topic: RE: Ryanair To Offer Free Flights
Username: GOT
Posted 2001-05-14 18:47:47 and read 3088 times.

Nothing is for free, and there will probably be other costs except for the 1£. In the end the price will probably be the same as today.


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