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Topic: Cape Air Enters Codeshare With AA At UIN 4-6-10
Username: KarlB737
Posted 2010-03-30 11:00:00 and read 3505 times.

Well the airline that couldn't seems to have become very popular at Quincy, Illinois. According to an earlier report from WGEM-TV "389 passengers boarded Cape Air flights leaving Quincy during January and another 455 boarded in February. These numbers show the community is buying into the airline and the airline is doing the same by hiring five new pilots and relocating them to Quincy."

Now the news today is that Cape Air is entering into a codeshare with American Airlines. According to airport management this gives the Quincy passengers headed to St. Louis a "seemless connection" for their journey onward. Good for Quincy to believe that this effort was worthwhile in the first place and then to be able to see such postive results. Have any of you used this service as yet?

Courtesy: WGEM-TV

Cape Air Enters Codeshare With American Airlines On April 6

Topic: RE: Cape Air Enters Codeshare With AA At UIN 4-6-10
Username: atrude777
Posted 2010-03-30 11:08:38 and read 3505 times.

This goes into effect for MWA and CGI as well.

I am super excited to have this finally happen!!!

Here is this news for MWA/CGI too.

Only thing I don't like is, I have ability to non rev out of STL sometimes on other airlines, so I purchase Cape Air only tickets for MWA-STL, does NOT allow us to book MWA/CGI-STL only segments, it must be a connection, which just sucks. So I still cannot earn miles booking MWA-STL only segments. That is what I was more excited for!

Another interesting note is it is actually AMERICAN AIRLINE Codeshare, I was lead to believe it would be under AMERICAN CONNECTION codeshare. This is not the case.


Topic: RE: Cape Air Enters Codeshare With AA At UIN 4-6-10
Username: CIDflyer
Posted 2010-03-30 19:30:05 and read 3182 times.

too bad AA is pulling down STL's hub status, if they would have had some sort of deal like this maybe a year or two ago there would have still been a nice array of flights out of STL that would only require one connection. Now its mainly going to be 2 stops, one via STL, then either DFW/ORD. Will they have to paint their aircraft in AA colors? Wasn't that the sticking point as to why Great Lakes wouldn't code share out of STL under the AA banner?

Still, at least this is good news for these smaller communities to have access to a large network carrier.

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