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Topic: Current CRJ Production Rate?
Username: CRJ900X
Posted 2010-08-28 20:03:32 and read 4416 times.

Does anyone know the current monthly production rate of the CRJ700/900 airliners at Bombardier Aerospace?

It appears that the only airline currently taking delivery of the CRJ family is American Eagle as they receive 2 CRJ700 aircraft a month.

Has the production of the CRJ family been reduced to only 2 planes a month?

Hopefully some large CRJ operators begin to place some orders soon to bolster the production rate.


Topic: RE: Current CRJ Production Rate?
Username: MEA-707
Posted 2010-08-29 03:01:14 and read 4216 times.

CRJ-100/200 seems halted with frame 8105 last year but you never know with them
CRJ-700 production is now about two a month
CRJ-900 production is about one a month, they have a few dozen to do, after frame 15255 which was delivered in april, # 15257 has been flying in july, so we might see a few deliveries at the same month soon.
Indeed it's quite a lull compared to a few years ago, they wait til the CRJ-1000 line gets running (probably also only 1-2 frames a month til the orders dry up) and then their new Cseries starts being built.

Topic: RE: Current CRJ Production Rate?
Username: CRJ900
Posted 2010-08-29 07:04:35 and read 4040 times.

I would think that the CRJ production site is busy churning out CRJ1000s... they are delayed and Air Nostrum and Brit Air are eager to get theirs, I believe, when certification is finally complete.

I read a comment that a flight blogger had seen the 7th CRJ1000 almost finished when he/she visited the factory.

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