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Topic: PAL News
Username: DrDrewO
Posted 2001-06-07 02:48:02 and read 1072 times.

PAL(Philippine Airlines) will begin flying their Manila-Ho Chi Minh City starting July 3rd. They will also fly their Manila-Saigon flight on July 3rd.
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What routes do you think PAL should open next?
If they were going to expand their fleet what aircraft should the choose or what aircraft should they increase?

Their current fleet consits of
Boeing 747-400 = 4
Boeing 747-200 = 3
Airbus 340-300 = 4
Airbus 330-300 = 8
Airbus 320-200 = 3
Boeing 737-400 = 3
Boeing 737-300 = 9

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: Air Taiwan
Posted 2001-06-07 03:12:28 and read 997 times.

I'm sorry, but isn't Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon the same city? With different names?

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: DrDrewO
Posted 2001-06-07 04:00:37 and read 990 times.

It it really the same city?

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: FTraveler
Posted 2001-06-07 05:10:30 and read 986 times.

After the fall of Saigon in 1975, the former capital city of South Vietnam was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. The airport code is SGN.

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: DrDrewO
Posted 2001-06-08 02:30:42 and read 969 times.

I think they should get more A340's for European routes and US East coast routes. They should also buy or lease some 767's or 757's for there Manila-cebu and manila-davao so they could use the A330's on more international routes. That's just my opinion.

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: B7474
Posted 2001-06-08 02:42:46 and read 966 times.

I think your right DrDrewO they should get more A340s. For example get like 4 Airbus A340-500 and send them to Chicago and New York where there are many Filipinos like myself.

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: JAL
Posted 2001-06-08 15:00:40 and read 943 times.

I think that they should get 737NG to replace their fleet of 737Classic, more A330-300/340-300, and maybe a couple of 747-400.

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: Hkgspotter1
Posted 2001-06-08 15:05:22 and read 940 times.

737's ??, A320's they already have three so they could get A319/A320/A321's.

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: Flying-Tiger
Posted 2001-06-08 15:38:07 and read 933 times.

DidnĀ“t PAL shelved its complete feeder network due to the finacial crisis? Maybe they should build it up again, maybe with the 328JET.


Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: DrDrewO
Posted 2001-06-09 04:16:49 and read 921 times.

But where would they fly their new A320's the domestic routes are already fed by their 737's and i would think that is enough.

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: Hugo
Posted 2001-06-09 07:22:04 and read 912 times.

I think that PR would have wanted to get more 320's for passenger appeal and crew commonality with the 330 and 340, but had to back-pedal and re-build its 737 fleet because of financial considerations. Prior to the shutdown (to a large extent created to downscale their ambitious business plan AND bust the union), PR had embarked on a massive re-fleeting with mostly Airbus aircraft. The Asian financial crisis triggered a devaluation of the peso (making lease payments on the newly ordered aircraft prohibitive), and drop in passenger revenue. PR's expansion/fleet renewal plans then proved to be a bad idea. A wildcat strike by the pilots only exacerbated the situation and management found a convenient scapegoat to downscale the business plan and return the aircraft, including some of the 320's. When the time came to rebuild the fleet, the 737-300 family proved to be the most affordable and PR then started to lease more 737's while returning or not taking delivery of its 320's. The original plan was really to get rid of the 737's and replace them with 320's. It just happened the other way around. Similarly, it has retaken delivery of some 747-200's even if the plan was to replace them with -400's. I must say that I wish PR is rescued by real airline people...Cigarettes and airplanes do not mix!

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: Airmale
Posted 2001-06-09 10:32:45 and read 904 times.

PR are considering returning to Europe soon Smile

Topic: RE: PAL News
Username: Heinz
Posted 2001-06-09 14:11:43 and read 897 times.

PAL had planned to return to Europe last year, but then came the Jolo hostage crisis and they postponed those plans indefinitely. They are talking about restarting Frankfurt maybe next year.

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