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Topic: Capt. Sully Criticizes FAA's Proposed Fatigue Rule
Username: Aaron747
Posted 2010-11-12 17:33:39 and read 3051 times.

Kudos to him for encouraging the public to get more involved with this. Nothing will change until the people actually using the system start voicing their opinions more.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the new rules set new limits on the amount of time pilots can fly in a day and the level of rest required between flights. Congress mandated the rules after a regional airline crash near Buffalo, N.Y., killed 50 people.

But Sullenberger says some of the changes — particularly an increase from eight to 10 in the maximum hours pilots are allowed to fly on domestic flights in a day — would actually result in less rest for pilots.

"The way to decrease fatigue is not by flying more hours in a day," Sullenberger said.

Topic: RE: Capt. Sully Criticizes FAA's Proposed Fatigue Rule
Username: Mir
Posted 2010-11-12 18:23:42 and read 2947 times.

From what I've seen, the new rest rules take stuff into account that they didn't before, such as start time and number of segments. It's not a blanket increase in number of hours flown per day for everybody - if you're someone flying low-stress transcons, then you might be flying ten hours a day, but if you're a regional guy doing four or five legs, your cap will still be eight (or even less).

Also, IIRC, the new rules are a lot stronger on how much rest you get between days (which in my mind is more important than how many hours are flown per day so long as the latter doesn't get excessive).


Topic: RE: Capt. Sully Criticizes FAA's Proposed Fatigue Rule
Username: silentbob
Posted 2010-11-12 21:55:43 and read 2706 times.

Sad thing is the senior guys will snap up the longer duty day transcon turns and regional pilots will end up working more days in total with fewer days off in order to make the same money.

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