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Topic: ARJ21 In North America?
Username: GymClassHero
Posted 2010-11-23 16:14:09 and read 3279 times.

It's no secret that the North American market has been quite fond of the DC-9/MD-80/90/717, and it is also no secret that China will try to enter this market with the C919. With China's eyes on North America, do you think it will try to push the ARJ21 in the market, as well? There are some niche markets where ageing -9s/-80s are currently running that an ARJ21 would fit quite well in, but will the airlines bite?

Topic: RE: ARJ21 In North America?
Username: 7673mech
Posted 2010-11-23 16:27:53 and read 3247 times.

How about for Hawaiian - to augment eventually replace the 717 fleet.
Their planes are relatively young - 10 years - however the cycles will eventually catch up with them.

Topic: RE: ARJ21 In North America?
Username: FWAERJ
Posted 2010-11-23 16:57:29 and read 3161 times.

IIRC, Mesa Air Group was interested in the ARJ21 several years ago.

Kunpeng (which was once part-owned by YV) even placed an order for the ARJ21. Not sure if it still stands.

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