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Topic: Cubana IL-62's At YYZ
Username: JAT
Posted 2001-06-21 00:43:59 and read 2586 times.

Apparently my previous post "A Cubana IL-62 just flew over my house" wasn't apporopriate enough for some reason so it was deleted.

Anyway, I was wondering if they list their IL-62's in their schedule for flights to YYZ. I always thought they fly A320's or B737's. Is there any way to know when they will come to YYZ with an Il-62? How often a month do they come here? I would really like to go to the airport to "catch" one, but I don't know when they come to Toronto.

I saw one today, by chance, it flew over my house about 20 minutes ago. The very distinct and comperativley loud noise of the engines made me run outisde and take a look, it was flying quite low. I love this plane!

Topic: RE: Cubana IL-62's At YYZ
Username: JAT
Posted 2001-06-21 00:44:54 and read 2566 times.

OK.... scratch that....

The post "came back". I have no idea what is going on.....

Topic: RE: Cubana IL-62's At YYZ
Username: Slawko
Posted 2001-06-21 03:26:24 and read 2557 times.

There is an IL62 here almost every week and it sits on the ground from Satruday till Monday, but it's not Cubana's

Topic: RE: Cubana IL-62's At YYZ
Username: Superfly
Posted 2001-06-21 06:19:35 and read 2552 times.

I just got back from Cuba last week. I flew there IL-62 from Cancun, Mexico. I love this plane!  Big thumbs up
It was a very smooth riding aircraft.
Cubana's schedual is not very consistant. The HAV-YYZ flight is supposed to be an A320. Sometimes they do send up the IL-62.
My return flight to Cancun was supposed to be a YAK-42 but they used the IL-62 on the return also.


They are based right there in Toronto.
I booked my trip to Cuba through them. They are great!  Big thumbs up
or visit them at:
Cuban Department
A. Nash Travel, Inc.
5865 McLaughlin Road, Unit 2B
Mississauga, Ontario
L5R 1B8 Canada Phone: 905-755-0647
800-818-2004 ext. 221
Fax: 905-755-0729

If you do, say hi to Rebecca for me. Big grin

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