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Topic: Copenhagen Weather Diversions
Username: B735
Posted 2011-01-08 03:00:10 and read 2315 times.

On December 23rd I was scheduled to fly from Tallinn to Copenhagen on Estonian Air's early morning flight, leaving 6.40 and arriving 7.20 local time.

Now to due snowstorm and strong winds my flight was delayed. In the end the delay was 3.55 hours. Estonian Air told they were not given permission to depart due to the weather situation. During the wait in Tallinn Airport I was checking the arrivals in Copenhagen Airport on the web. It seemed like all flights, except props, would arrive normally or slightly delayed. The only airlines that was delayed or diverted was Estonian Air and Singapore Airlines.

On thursday there was a similar weather situation in Copenhagen. Strong wind and drifting snow. Now, this time the same pattern emerged. Only Estonian Air and Singapore Airlines diverted.

Is there a specific reason why these two airlines cannot land when every other airline seems to be able to land. Are the aircraft missing some equipment or are staff missing some training? Estonian Air operates B735/B733 and Singapore Airlines B772 to Copenhagen.

Thanks for your insight!

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