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Topic: Americans BNA Hub
Username: Co LITE
Posted 2001-07-14 06:48:40 and read 1245 times.

Why did AA pull out of BNA? With that they shut down some cities in the southeast that were good, like Mobile.

Topic: RE: Americans BNA Hub
Username: B1C17L1011
Posted 2001-07-14 06:52:58 and read 1197 times.

This may just be a minor reason, but the runways at BNA are only around 8500 so the hub could not handle jumbo's.

Topic: RE: Americans BNA Hub
Username: USAIRWAYS321
Posted 2001-07-14 07:13:50 and read 1186 times.

They did it for the same reason they pulled out of RDU!!!!! To get local government money cuz they were developing the area with a major HUB. Now, they have the money, and can return too BNA and RDU being service normally.

Topic: RE: Americans BNA Hub
Username: Doug
Posted 2001-07-14 09:10:34 and read 1172 times.

Where to start for one there was not enough O & D traffic to justify the hub.For the most part a hub needs around 25 to 30% O & D traffic.Also a lot of low yeilds were very common place at the time.International feed was another issue how many international travelers need to go to BNA.Both BNA and RDU have good geographical locations but trying to bump heads with Delta in the southeast was a no win situation.Midway is no where close to being a major airline but they have created a niche out of RDU.Southwest has filled some of the void at BNA once AA left.Also at the same time BNA,RDU and SJU were going through major down sizing AA was building its cash cow hub in Miami which out of all of AA's hubs handles the 2nd most amount of pax traling only DFW.

Topic: RE: Americans BNA Hub
Username: BDDLCW
Posted 2001-07-17 23:11:29 and read 1130 times.

AA did handle jumbos in BNA with 767 and DC-10 service to London and a couple of US cites. Runway 13/31 is over 11,000 feet long and as matter of fact, starting on Aug 2 there will be regular 747-400 freight service by China Air or Air China.....whoever, I cant remember which.

Topic: RE: Americans BNA Hub
Username: Travatl
Posted 2001-07-17 23:27:22 and read 1124 times.


I was with AA in the early 90s, these hub closures (from the videos that were forced down my throat on a weekly basis it seemed) were similar to other cost slashing measures experienced at many other carriers.

In fact the closing of these hubs were only another facet of the deep cost cuts that went into effect in those days. In 1995, AA farmed out ground work at 30 domestic cities to other carriers and contracters. (I remember DL doing a lot of it in the west Texas cities it seems; i.e. AMA, LBB, MAF).

Hubs are expensive, and with fortresses at DFW, ORD, and MIA, RDU and BNA were simply unrealistic at a time when the entire industry was bleeding. I think they were starting to rethink RDU recently (the thought that Midway is making it work is killing them, I'm sure), but with this new wave industry uncertainty, I wouldn't guess AA will be moving to run back into RDU full force any time soon.


Topic: RE: Americans BNA Hub
Username: Us330
Posted 2001-07-17 23:27:40 and read 1123 times.

Search the archives. There is plenty of information there about this topic

Topic: RE: Americans BNA Hub
Username: Blink182
Posted 2001-07-18 00:22:10 and read 1117 times.

I think AA hasn't fully left RDU yet as they still have LGW service from there, and AA leases several gates to Midway.

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