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Topic: Wouldnt It Be Cool If...
Username: AA767Boy
Posted 2001-07-24 21:15:33 and read 860 times.

I was just thinking. With AA and other airlines repainting some of their a/c in old liverys for anniverys and what not. What would you think if they went back to that livery on all there a/c?

I would love to see a AA 777 in the " Retro Scheme"

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Photo © Marlo Plate

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Photo © Carlos Borda

Gotta love these liverys!

Topic: RE: Wouldnt It Be Cool If...
Username: Chadshill
Posted 2001-07-24 21:28:12 and read 839 times.

And while they`re at it - how about a selection of their newly aquired TWA `planes in the wonderful Twin Globes scheme, or the Red Stripe version

What are the chances  Crying

Topic: TWA Will Dissapear...
Username: Notar520AC
Posted 2001-07-24 23:03:27 and read 813 times.

I'm affraid TWA will just disappear like Pan Am into the mists, leaving only memmories of their great history. Pan Am and TWA in my oppinion were 2 of the greatest airlines in the world in their time, leaving a permanent stepping stone in airline and aviation history. Did you know that the president of Pan Am inspired Boeing to build their 747s? And to put a cocktail lounge and the spiral staircases instead of navigational equipment on the upper deck of the early 747s?  Crying


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