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Topic: Anyone Know Why...
Username: Sleekjet
Posted 2001-08-01 19:55:39 and read 1276 times.

airlines change flight numbers (for reasons other than a plane going down)? It's rather bothersome to book a flight and then have the airline switch #'s.

Topic: RE: Anyone Know Why...
Username: Searpqx
Posted 2001-08-01 21:08:16 and read 1237 times.

Are you talking about changing flight numbers or changing schedules. Flight number changes aren't really all that common (same flight time, a/c, city pairs but new flight number). Schedule changes on the other hand, are. If you're booked on ZZ 101 at 8:00AM then are notified you're now on ZZ 102 at 8:05AM, thats a sched change. ZZ 101 (your original flight) has probably been discontinued, changed routing or moved to a time not at all similar to what you'd originally booked.

Topic: RE: Anyone Know Why...
Username: AWA22
Posted 2001-08-02 01:46:49 and read 1208 times.

If a flight number is always delayed airlines will change the flt numbers.

Topic: RE: Anyone Know Why...
Username: Redngold
Posted 2001-08-02 02:15:05 and read 1195 times.

Schedule changes, schedule rationalization (some airlines like to pair similar numbers for "round trip" aircraft use), it's probably easier to change to a different flight number than to tell your computer that after so-and-so date, the flight departure and arrival times change.


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