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Topic: Parents Threaten America West
Username: CRJCA
Posted 2001-08-11 04:15:40 and read 1161 times.

Today on an America West CRJ flight from CMH to BOS the crew had to divert to BDL (Hartford) due to BOS closing for thunderstorms.

There were 2 um's in the back. The flight was going to be delayed indefinitely, and company decision was to just return to CMH.

AWA contacted the parents of both UMs and asked if that would be acceptable to them. One set said yes, one said no way. "Get my kid to BOS or I'm going to the press."

So the whole flight waited until BOS opened back up and they got a slot to go. Of course the flight crew had to dodge storms on the way there at rather low altitudes because of the short length of the trip. Hope the UM enjoyed the ride.

Is that B.S. or what? What do you think?

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Watewate
Posted 2001-08-11 04:19:53 and read 1075 times.

I almost feel sorry for America West. Had the plane not made it to BOS, they would have graced the headlines (and Leno's monologue, of course Smile ). Is it just me, or do Americans love lawsuits? They'll sue your for anything and everything.  Big grin

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: IMissPiedmont
Posted 2001-08-11 04:24:55 and read 1062 times.

Always gotta be an %@#&*@$ in the crowd. Seems like these parents are going to file a complaint hoping HP will cave in and give them something free. Buttheads.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: CX747
Posted 2001-08-11 05:12:36 and read 1038 times.

Some people really amaze me. These parents are extremely stupid. But then again, in my opinion most parents are dumb that let young kids fly alone. Do we know how old the kids are? I just love hearing stories of 5 year olds flying by themselves. The kids aren't even allowed to cross the street by themselves, but mommy and daddy will send them on their way, so that they can go to bermuda alone while junior is babysat by his grandparents. Parents, please think about letting your children fly alone. To many things like this can go wrong.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: DE727UPS
Posted 2001-08-11 05:15:45 and read 1041 times.

I've got a buddy who's a CRJ capt at AWE express...hope it wasn't him who had to deal with this. Bottom line....the captain makes the final decision whether it's safe to fly...UM's or not. Hate to see a company putting pressure on flight crews for something this stupid......

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Phxairfan
Posted 2001-08-11 05:25:12 and read 1024 times.

As far as I am concerned the parents should stop pointing fingers at the airlines, and start pointing them at their relatives. Case in point the child flying for I think Michigan to San Diego who's flight got canceled and he got put on the next one, the grandparents were notified presumably before the child got on the plane to Diego. The grandparents had plenty of time to call the father, bs averted. Also it is absolutely moronic that the parent told HP to get the kid to BOS or else. He was willing to sacrifice the life of his child and everyone else on the plane trying to get to BOS a day sooner or whatever weather permitted. I'd like to get my hands on idiots like this. Get off America Wests back there not all that bad.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Tupolev154B2
Posted 2001-08-11 05:29:14 and read 1018 times.


Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Whistler
Posted 2001-08-11 05:47:38 and read 1009 times.

I don't wanna sound like the devil's advocate but I don't blame them. They are probably just ignorant about aviation/airlines and worried about their kid. If I were a parent that didn't know jack about flying and an airline, after already losing several UMs, told me my kid wouldn't be going where he/she was supposed to I would probably get worried.

You know not everybody lives and breaths airlines Big grin, I bet they just didn't know exactly what was happening and were worried because of all the media attention America West has gotten lately for losing kids.

Topic: If I Was The Captain...
Username: Boeing747-400
Posted 2001-08-11 06:39:00 and read 1008 times.

...I would have gone back there and told them that they either shut their goddamn mouths, or be arrested and taken of my plane, because I'm not going to fly it through harmful conditions just to get them to BOS, UM's or not.

DE727UPS, hey, I hope it wasn't your buddy that had to deal with this. It pisses me off when pilots have to deal with this kind of crap from idiots. Flying cargo must be a little more peaceful, huh?

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: DE727UPS
Posted 2001-08-11 07:24:14 and read 996 times.

Freight doesn't complain except for the dude with the tie and the watch that hates it when we're late. Flying freight is much more laid back. No traffic at night and you don't have to worry about pax complaining or dying.....or UM's getting lost.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Ceilidh
Posted 2001-08-11 09:09:37 and read 981 times.

I can't believe that HP were stupid enough to give the parents a choice in the matter! Thsy should have just put it this way "For safety reasons the flight to BOS will be delayed. You can pick up your kids at xxx time."

To endanger aircraft, crew and passengers in this manner is considerably more irresponsible - so much so that I would doubt the veracity of this report!

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Wolfpacker
Posted 2001-08-11 10:12:05 and read 966 times.

BDL is what an hour away from BOS? Why didn't AWE drive the UMs to BOS? Or tell the parents to pick them up there? Maybe not the best answer but safer.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Avion
Posted 2001-08-11 11:51:31 and read 953 times.

And now they're in the news again. So what have they gained? Nothing!


Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: N766UA
Posted 2001-08-11 16:41:44 and read 942 times.

People are stupid. Especially when they get around flying.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Iainhol
Posted 2001-08-11 16:45:23 and read 945 times.

DE did not mention that freight also does not tell everyone about how the landing was!  Big grin Seems like he has it pretty good!

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Jmc1975
Posted 2001-08-12 08:25:00 and read 933 times.

Unfortunately, some other airline really needs to have a disaster or a crisis to take the pressure off America West. The loss of life is really the only thing that puts things in perspective for many people. But, then again, many people like those UMs' parents are just too damn dumb!

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Goingboeing
Posted 2001-08-12 14:15:44 and read 912 times.

PArents need to look in the mirror to see the problem. If they can't travel with the minor child - then don't send the minor child. It's called personal responsiblity, but in the USA that concept has been lost. Now it has become the airlines fault. The airlines did not force divorced parents to move to separate areas of the country, but it has now become their responsiblity to see to it that the kids get there unmolested and on time.

If parents insist on holding an airline responsible for their (the parents) stupidity of putting what should be their most precious possesion on a plane alone because the airfare was dirt cheap, then the airlines should respond by implementing an "unacommpanied minor" fare which would be 5 to 10 times the most expensive fare avaialable for any given flight. That way, parents might be encouraged to actually purchase a ticket at a significantly lower price and accompany their child to their destination. Only in America. I screw up but it's YOUR fault.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Critter592
Posted 2001-08-12 18:28:59 and read 897 times.

If I would have heard the parents threaten AWE like that, I would have punched them. They have no right to control an AIRLINE. That flight had other passengers too.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Chepos
Posted 2001-08-12 18:48:15 and read 886 times.

Like someone this story still got the media's attention so they made it to Boston and they still got bad pumlicity.
Puerto Rico

Topic: Ceilidh
Username: CRJCA
Posted 2001-08-12 20:41:45 and read 881 times.

First of all, being in the industry I wouldn't make up a story like this for fun. Also, the parents were instructed to drive the hour and a half to BDL or arrange the pick-up of the um back in CMH. They refused to drive to get them and in light of all the bad publicity they jumped on it. A high level AWA executive came down and told ops to get that flight to BOS, period. He said AWA can't have any more bad UM publicity. I agree with goingboeing on this one, what a tradgedy that parents would be able to dictate operational policy to a US major carrier.


Topic: RE: Ceilidh
Username: NW-ELITE
Posted 2001-08-12 20:48:55 and read 875 times.

I wonder what Jay Leno will say this time.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Hastaroth
Posted 2001-08-12 23:05:42 and read 853 times.

First,it is not always possible for parents to accompany their children to where they go.If,for example,both are working and cannot leave their office,the kid must go unaccompanied.But then,the parents should accept that the airline is responsible for the safe delivery of their kid to destination and that ONLY the airline has the authority to decide when a flight can be safely conducted.You can't tell a pilot "fly my kid there or I'm going to the press" when YOU are safely on the ground,in your living-room and THE PILOT is up there at 5000FT,dealing with a storm or something like that.If the pilot says then that he considers it is not safe to land and that it is safer to go back to the departure point,he probably knows better Smile....

And one question for these parents:what if the plane had crashed in BOS,killing everybody AND their child altogether?Wouldn't they say to themselves that "if we hadn't insisted in geting the child to BOS,the plane would have landed back here safely and our Tom (or Bob or Joe or whatever the kid's name) would be with us" ?

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: VirginLover
Posted 2001-08-12 23:10:48 and read 848 times.

Yesterday I took my cousin and aunt to JFK for their B6 flight to BUF. The flight was scheduled to leave at 5:20, but because of problems with the crew, the EDT went from 5:20 to 5:50 to 6:30. When they switched it to 7:30, some guy held up the comment forms and yelled "ANY ONE NEED ONE OF THESE?" I felt bad for the gate agents, trying their best to smile through out the whole ordeal. jetBlue was really accomodating to the abudance of delays, putting out coffee, soda and snacks out for the pax. People really need to be quiet and keep their voices for a real problem.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Goingboeing
Posted 2001-08-13 00:06:38 and read 843 times.

hastaroth...I've got the solution for both parents having to work and not being able to take time off...have them both live in the same city! That way, they can see the child when their schedules permit. Sorry to sound so heartless, but if the kid's important to you, despite a divorce, then sacrifice the career and live in the same city with the child. People wouldn't dream of putting their kid in a taxi and sending them across town alone, yet they don't think twice about putting them on a plane and sending them across the country. Hell, they even complain because they have to pay an extra charge to the airline to handle the UM.

Topic: RE: Parents Threaten America West
Username: Airlinelover
Posted 2001-08-13 06:12:07 and read 819 times.

I think that HP did a very good thing by contacting the parents and giving them the situation. What they probably should've done is said "The flight your kid is on is delayed due to weather, and you can pick up your kid at (insert time here)." I don't think they should have asked if it was ok, (Granted, it was a nice thing to do) adn they should've just gone after the storms cleared. HP does something RIGHT, and they still get hacked at.. Geez

Goingboeing- My mom and dad got divorced, and my dad had to sell his business. He got a new job based in St. Louis, but he wouldn't take it unless he could live and work here in Michigan to be near his kids. He did (and still does) care about what happens to us. Unfortunately, the situation with parents divorcing and living at opposite (sp) ends of the earth happens more and more. I have a friend who lived in Clarkston, and his dad is in Atlanta. 2 of my cousins, they haven't seen their father in god knows how long, and they probably don't know (and don't care) where he is. One of them, Jeff, attended my dad's wedding to my step-mom, and pulled me aside and told me "Be thankful that you have a dad that cares. I haven't seen mine in xx years, and I don't want you to take what you have for granted". A message to all of you who's parent(s) actually care: Don't assume they will always be there. You don't know what tomorrow brings. Tell your mom/dad you love them, and try to realise how lucky you are to have parent(s) who care.


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