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Topic: United Express ERJ-135 Routes Out Of IAH
Username: 96texan
Posted 2012-05-21 19:19:28 and read 5314 times.

I was going through the timetable on today and saw a few routes from IAH that have originally been served by Colgan Air and their S340s over the years but today I found some ERJ-135s mixed in on the routes of CLL, LCH, and GRK. Is United planning to utilize more of these 135s on all Colgan routes from IAH as they gradually phase out their S340s? And if so, does this mean cities such as VCT, BPT and ACT will see all jet service from ExpressJet?

Here are the frequencies I found on the ERJ-135 routes:

IAH - College Station (CLL) :

x4 S340
x1 ERJ-135

IAH - Killeen/Ft. Hood (GRK) :

x3 S340
x1 ERJ-135

IAH - Lake Charles (LCH) :

x2 S340
x2 ERJ-145
x1 ERJ-135

Sorry if I sound stupid on the topic but this my first post on and I'm trying to figure out what United is going to do with all of their routes served by Colgan.

Topic: RE: United Express ERJ-135 Routes Out Of IAH
Username: drerx7
Posted 2012-05-22 05:54:14 and read 4962 times.

Tentively it looks like those stations will go 135 until UA can source another feeder. At least the Q400s will stay.

Topic: RE: United Express ERJ-135 Routes Out Of IAH
Username: IAHFLYR
Posted 2012-05-22 13:52:53 and read 4722 times.

Quoting drerx7 (Reply 1):
At least the Q400s will stay.

Yep, and I believe the lastest rumor I heard was Republic will be the company flying the DH8D's after Colgan is finished in August, IIRC.

In fact there is a thread addressing the very issue:

Republic Will Fly Q400 For UAX (by n7371f May 14 2012 in Civil Aviation)

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Topic: RE: United Express ERJ-135 Routes Out Of IAH
Username: UA767400
Posted 2012-05-22 15:40:47 and read 4658 times.

Quoting 96texan (Thread starter):

The E135 were on some JAX routes as I was on one, but they flights were fuller than expected.

Here is the rate of the SAAB 340's leaving the fleet!
Saab 340
April – 25
May – 20
June – 15
July – 9
Aug – 0"

Also, the Q-400's are going to be taken over by Republic Airways but the deal seems like it is till in the work which would keep the Q400's in service.

Topic: RE: United Express ERJ-135 Routes Out Of IAH
Username: ABQopsHP
Posted 2012-05-22 17:18:47 and read 4562 times.

Effective around the 18th of June, there will be an ER135 for the first departure of the day out of CRP.
There has been a steady draw down of available seats in the CRP-IAH market over the past 9 mo's or so.
We went from 11 departures a day, now down to 8 on certain days. Reduced schedules on Tues/Weds and Sat.
I have been concerned about the reduction of service between CRP and IAH. But with my coming furlough, it
is something I will not need to worry about much longer.


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