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Topic: Unusual Arrival At STN 27/8/12
Username: 2008matt
Posted 2012-08-27 23:45:55 and read 2213 times.

Hi, I was out on a run yesterday under the flight path into STN and a 747-400 that I did not recognise flew in (at about 12/1230). Unfortunately I was not quick enough to get a photo to indentify it, but it had a white tail with blue stripe across it (much like the Kuwait livery) and also black text along the side of the plane. I was wondering if anyone knew what airline the aircraft was and what it was doing at Stansted?

Topic: RE: Unusual Arrival At STN 27/8/12
Username: rutankrd
Posted 2012-08-28 00:32:30 and read 2139 times.

DUB001 A6-HRM Boeing 747-422 26903 Dubai Air Wing

Operating into Stansted due to Olympic/Paralympic Charter restrictions at LHR remaining in place.

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