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Topic: Concorde And The Media
Username: Gordonroxburgh
Posted 2001-08-28 15:56:52 and read 2421 times.

Doesn't it really piss you off!!

Nobody apart from the media officially said that Today (28th) would be the day that the CofA would returned.

So they build it up as a big day and then knock Concorde when it doesn't happen.

Most likely it will be returned to modified Concordes within the next week. If anyone is interested, the delay is being caused by the time the paperwork and getting through all the test results is taking.

Topic: RE: Concorde And The Media
Username: Goboeing
Posted 2001-08-28 18:25:18 and read 2380 times.

There's some real morons in the media. I'm tired of hearing things by them made a bigger deal then they really are.


Topic: RE: Concorde And The Media
Username: GDB
Posted 2001-08-28 19:46:21 and read 2376 times.

We were half-expecting it, they authorities said they needed two weeks to go through the mountain of data and paperwork, they didn't get all of it until 10 days ago.
BA, and presumably AF, have been told it's not their paperwork, it's the manufacturers. It's always worth remembering the varied groups involved in all of this, the two airlines, EADS, BAE Systems, R/R, Snecma, the CAA, AAIB, BEA, DGAC. I would not be surprised if I've left some out of that list.
Also, August is a major public holiday period in France, that impacted on the speed of the initial investigation last year.
Every new component of the mod. has to be scrutunised, for metal components, the origin of the metal ingot it was formed from has to be traced. The same applies to composite components, is the material airworthy? Has adding sealent, or any other chemicals changed any of the properties of affected components?
Don't expect BA passenger services before October, despite some bullish talk from AF this morning about operating a twice-weekly service with just one aircraft, late October or November is more likely with more aircraft for a more regular and stable operation.
BA will not go down that road, it's a daily LHR-JFK, JFK-LHR service for starters, nothing less. That means 3 modified aircraft, one for the service, one standby, one on maint, or if serviceable, a second standby
There still remains a chance that the regulators will find something they don't understand, or like. I cannot think of any other aircraft that has come under such scrutiny, but as far as Concorde is concerned, it's never been a level playing field.

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