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Topic: A330 Sales Due To 787 Delays?
Username: jlbmedia
Posted 2012-10-02 16:19:57 and read 3276 times.

How many A330s were sold, and to what airlines, as a direct result of 787 delays?

Topic: RE: A330 Sales Due To 787 Delays?
Username: carpethead
Posted 2012-10-02 20:57:33 and read 2996 times.

That's a very difficult question.
I can't answer for all the airlines but here are my ideas for some in Asia, althought not all about the topic of A330s.
For example, NH & JL have taken deliveries of 777s & 763s because of the 787 delays.
Back to topic, KE probably would not have ordered additional A332s without the 787 delays
SQ's latest A330 top-up order for 15 more would not have happened either as the 789 should have entered service by now had the original timeframe had been met.

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