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Topic: Vueling CEO: BCN To Be Europe’s Prime S/h Hub
Username: Pe@rson
Posted 2012-10-24 01:03:03 and read 3144 times.

Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling (VY) CEO Alex Cruz has vowed that Barcelona El Prat (BCN) will overtake Frankfurt Airport(FRA) as Europe’s leading airport for short-haul flights in 2014.

Over the past two summers, VY has added 45 new routes from BCN, which it claims has positioned the airport as No. 2 in Europe by number of short-haul flights. Building on this growth, VY has announced plans to add another 28 new routes in 2013, taking it to more than 100 destinations from BCN.

We would like to make our Barcelona hub the number one connecting airport in Europe, with the highest number of short- and medium-haul destinations under 4.5 hours. We think we can achieve this in 2014, even if Lufthansa adds a couple more destinations,” Cruz told ATW.

VY is still actively looking to expand its network and is eyeing further expansion in 2014. “We will continue looking at destinations within a maximum of 4.5 hours’flight time. We think there is still a lot to be flown. We will continue pursuing destinations which require bilateral agreements because these are underserved,” Cruz said.

By the end of 2013, its network-wide proportion of business travelers is expected to hit 50%, compared to easyJet, which has achieved 40% on some routes.

Source: ATW-04&Issue=ATW-04_20121023_ATW-04_500&" target="_blank">

Interesting but not hugely surprising given the speed with which VY has expanded at BCN.

Topic: RE: Vueling CEO: BCN To Be Europe’s Prime S/h Hub
Username: B4REAL
Posted 2012-10-24 04:19:04 and read 2814 times.

I recently flew VY through BCN, and must say it was quite a nice experience. I'm not sure if they will really supercede FRA; I think to an extent the 'relative' geographic isolation may limit the larger potential. Meaning, someone will likely not fly LED-BCN-LHR to save 30 Euros or something. At least many US people think that way.

Topic: RE: Vueling CEO: BCN To Be Europe’s Prime S/h Hub
Username: LondonCity
Posted 2012-10-24 04:28:15 and read 2779 times.

BCN is just a little bit remote from the main north-south, east-west traffic flows for LCCs. It's fine if you're heading to Spain/Portugal or N Africa but inconvenient when flying from N Europe to France/Italy/Greece/Turkey or between N Europe and E Europe.

Topic: RE: Vueling CEO: BCN To Be Europe’s Prime S/h Hub
Username: aerdingus
Posted 2012-10-24 04:30:55 and read 2769 times.

I enjoyed my flight with them BCN - NTE. However if they are looking to do longer routes they should do something about the legroom....doesn´t affect me, I´m not tall..but really it´s awful for taller people! Also wondering if they´d ever open a BCN - DUB route....although I really do enjoy flying EI on this route. Nothing wrong with a bit of competition though between EI, FR & VY on this route.

Topic: RE: Vueling CEO: BCN To Be Europe’s Prime S/h Hub
Username: r2rho
Posted 2012-10-24 05:42:38 and read 2625 times.

Actually, there is already a thread going on with this topic, although the title is not the most explicit:

Vueling Announcement At 1900 CET (by Alsatian Oct 16 2012 in Civil Aviation)

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