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Topic: TWA@TOL-1950s
Username: doulasc
Posted 2012-11-07 19:04:57 and read 1157 times.

I never was aware TWA ever served Toledo Ohio until I saw some route maps from the late 1950s.What routes?

Topic: RE: TWA@TOL-1950s
Username: Squid
Posted 2012-11-07 19:45:25 and read 1158 times.

TWA flew to Detroit, Columbus and Dayton. It looks like sometime in the late 60's and through the 70's they dropped Toledo. Then they started flying there again after deregulation from St. Louis.

Topic: RE: TWA@TOL-1950s
Username: Squid
Posted 2012-11-07 20:20:11 and read 1158 times.

On further research, it looks as though Toledo was a stop. On the Going "west bound" the flights would originate in Detroit, then to Toledo, then Dayton and/or Columbus, then Cincinnati. There was also a daily flight that would then continue from Cincinnati to Louisville and then to St. Louis. There were 5 west bound flights a day all on DC-3's. Going "east bound" there were 3 flights a day, two starting in Cincinnati, and one in Dayton, all flown with DC-3s, and ending in Detroit.

Topic: RE: TWA@TOL-1950s
Username: PictionaryMan
Posted 2012-11-08 11:23:48 and read 1157 times.

I flew to TOL every summer from PHX as a kid (in the 80's) .. TWA was the airline we flew mostly, what great memories. 727-100/200's and after the merger with Ozark, DC 9-10's .. I have photos I need to scan and upload of the TWA hybrid colors on DC 9-10.

Thanks for starting the thread.

Topic: RE: TWA@TOL-1950s
Username: ouboy79
Posted 2012-11-08 16:46:22 and read 1155 times.

This is from the FlyTOL Facebook page...

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