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Topic: Manx2 To End IOM-Leeds And -Oxford But Resuming?
Username: Pe@rson
Posted 2012-11-16 06:31:43 and read 1866 times.

Manx2 has announced that it will end IOM-LBA and IOM-OXF for the 1Q (Jan-Mar) of 2013 with the intention of resuming them later in the year. However, neither route is yet available for booking from April onwards and during the summer, although the odd date is available for OXF.


It will be good to see if they resume as 'expected' and become summer-seasonal, and if IOM-OXF-JER resumes next summer.

Topic: RE: Manx2 To End IOM-Leeds And -Oxford But Resuming?
Username: vfw614
Posted 2012-11-16 09:02:25 and read 1866 times.

Maybe the fact that they have ended the FLM ops and increased flights to GLO as a result of BE axing IOM-BRS has contributed to the end of those routes.

While OXF is of course a bit exotic as a destination, LBA has been a long-running destination for both Manx2 and for IOM, so it is quite telling that it has been axed.

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