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Topic: Heavy Fog DTW 11/18
Username: dtwmtx330
Posted 2012-11-18 08:39:01 and read 1562 times.

does anybody know if there were any diversions from DTW this morning due to the heavy fog?...less than 100 foot visibility according to DTW ATIS

Topic: RE: Heavy Fog DTW 11/18
Username: tb727
Posted 2012-11-18 10:06:02 and read 1562 times.

After a quick look it looks like the redeye from LAS, DAL404 a 757-300, diverted to CMH but not much else. Slow morning, a couple red eyes and the SBGR arrival got in just fine around that time. It got pretty low from about 6am until 8am, slept right through it!

Topic: RE: Heavy Fog DTW 11/18
Username: NWADTWE16
Posted 2012-11-18 21:16:44 and read 1562 times.

Def slept well beyond it! I think Delta has like 8 arrival red eyes..seems odd thats the 753 couldnt land regardless of the sight for CMH though

Topic: RE: Heavy Fog DTW 11/18
Username: PSU.DTW.SCE
Posted 2012-11-19 05:08:44 and read 1560 times.

Same thing going on again this morning in 11/19.

We have less than 1/4 mile out in Birmingham/Troy.

Third morning in a row of fog, and yesterday it didn't burn-off out my way until about 10-11am.

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