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Topic: US Air's 767-200 ER Order, Why Not 300ER
Username: delawareusa
Posted 2012-11-21 08:56:22 and read 15320 times.

USair (ways) ordered 6 767-200ER to the same specifications as the 6 they recieved from Piedmont in the merger. With the -300ER burning almost the same fuel per trip as the -200ER, it would seem they should have ordered -300 ERs. Since US had a larger feeder operation, they should have been able to fill the 300ER?

Topic: RE: US Air's 767-200 ER Order, Why Not 300ER
Username: max550
Posted 2012-11-21 09:17:34 and read 15162 times.

I don't think the answers you get will be much different than the last time you asked the question.
US Airways 767 Order, Why Didn't They Order 300s (by delawareusa Mar 10 2012 in Civil Aviation)

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