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Topic: Is This A Delivery Flight?
Username: OD-BWH
Posted 2012-12-16 12:34:42 and read 7865 times.

I came across this random flight over Lebanon. Seems to me like a delivery flight. I googled the aircraft history, and it used to be with Spanair and BMI prior to that. I wonder where it's going. I lost track of it as it entered the Syrian airspace.

Topic: RE: Is This A Delivery Flight?
Username: aloges
Posted 2012-12-16 15:55:15 and read 7517 times.

I'm guessing that you found its history here:,EI-EUE-ILFC.php

That site states that the aircraft was stored at PGF on 16 Feb 2012 and started showing it close to that airport. So my guess is that it was ferried either to its next operator or to a maintenance facility for refitting.

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