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Topic: What Is Going On In Warsaw Modlin?
Username: fn1001
Posted 2012-12-22 09:18:16 and read 4148 times.

A few days ago Wizzair announced they will move back to Okęcie, today on the news (Polsat News) there is an announcement about some damages of the concrete on the runway and the authorities close 1000 m of length, banning big aircrafts.

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Topic: RE: What Is Going On In Warsaw Modlin?
Username: KochamLOT
Posted 2012-12-22 09:43:13 and read 4075 times.

Trying to expand or 'improve' airports meanwhile causing safety hazards by doing things cheaply. My guess only.

Topic: RE: What Is Going On In Warsaw Modlin?
Username: ordwaw
Posted 2012-12-22 10:40:54 and read 3963 times.

Looks like Modlin will be closed to B737 and A320 size traffic, I.e Wizzair and RyanAir for several months now.

Effective 15:30 today, Dec 22, the main runway was shortened from 2,500 to 1,500 meters due to surface problems, which now need to be fixed under warranty by the original developer. As a result pretty much all traffic has been diverted, most to WAW some to Lodz.

From FR web site ..

22 Dec - Runway Closure - Warsaw Modlin

Ryanair was advised by Warsaw Modlin airport at 15:00 hrs today (22 Dec) of an indefinite runway closure for safety reasons.

This runway closure will cause significant flight delays, diversions and possible cancellations and Ryanair intends to divert all Warsaw flights, where possible, to Warsaw Chopin airport, until 24:00hrs Thursday 27 Dec.

Ryanair is seeking further information and details about the cause of this runway closure from Modlin airport. Until such time as Modlin airport advises that the runway has reopened, Ryanair intends to operate all flights to/from Warsaw Chopin airport.

All passengers booked to travel between the 22-27 December 2012 should go directly to Warsaw Chopin Airport
Passenger’s boarding passes from Modlin flights can be used for flights now operating from Warsaw Chopin Airport

An email and SMS has been sent to all affected passengers detailing other rebooking/refund options if required.

Ryanair apologises sincerely for any delays or inconvenience caused by this unexpected runway closure.

Full details of updates, delays and/or cancellations will be published on the “Live Flight Information” page on the website.

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Topic: RE: What Is Going On In Warsaw Modlin?
Username: gabrielchew
Posted 2012-12-22 11:02:55 and read 3915 times.

I used FR to WMI a few weeks ago. The terminal is quite nice (although inbound immigration took ages). With 99% of their business coming in the form of A320 and B737, I imagine management will be doing their utmost to get things sorted asap. Must be a stressful time for them. I can't imagine FR will be hanging around for long before they defect to a different city, and give WMI a wide beth (until they're bribed to come back).

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