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Topic: United's IAD-HNL
Username: dcajet
Posted 2013-04-04 11:12:56 and read 12116 times.

Noticed that United is adjusting operations on the IAD-HNL nonstop. As of August, service is down to 5x weekly but upgauged from a 764 to a 3-class 777 for that month only. Then it is back to 764 but with service down to 1x week until the winter, then back to the 3-class 777 daily, downgauged to the 764 again in January, no changes in frequency.

Is this due to operational reasons or loads/yields are weaker than expected?


Topic: RE: United's IAD-HNL
Username: LHCVG
Posted 2013-04-04 11:21:09 and read 12056 times.

From the sound of things on the FT thread about this, it's mostly operational. Specifically, they are transitioning some of the 777s to a HI config and those are (if I read it right) slated to become the mainstays of eastern U.S. to Hawaii service in the future.

The service reductions are to be expected given the seasonal nature of demand to HI, particularly on the East Coast. So it varies, but it's reasonably predictable for the airline, as reflected in their schedule changes.

Topic: RE: United's IAD-HNL
Username: jayunited
Posted 2013-04-04 11:43:52 and read 11904 times.

The reduction in service from daily to 5x weekly to Saturday only is due to seasonal demand which drops rather quickly at the end of summer. United can route passengers from the Mid Atlantic states through EWR or ORD during that time.

Hawaii is very popular during the spring and summer months however during the fall and winter months at least from the East Coast the Caribbean becomes more popular as it is closer than Hawaii and perfect if you are going away for a extended weekend or a week long vacation and want to escape the winter blues.

Topic: RE: United's IAD-HNL
Username: IAHFLYR
Posted 2013-04-04 12:21:17 and read 11665 times.

Quoting jayunited (Reply 2):
United can route passengers from the Mid Atlantic states through EWR or ORD during that time.

Route them that way so those of us in the south can use the IAH-HNL and then return it to the sCO 772 or B764's.

Topic: RE: United's IAD-HNL
Username: penguinflies
Posted 2013-04-04 22:35:53 and read 9395 times.

Also, 3065 and 3066 (the last 767-400s in old config) need to go in to HKG for cabin refit in the future. IAD-Honolulu is currently served with 3065 and 3066 typically with 20/236 layout. 3063 is done refit and flying international and 3064 is in work expected back in service in May. IAD now sees multiple 767-400s and swaps can happen due to operational issues.

Loads on Thursday-Sunday are picking back up with the weekend service closer to sold out. IAD-HNL seems to be more regulated to O&D. EWR's flight tends to go out 90% full consistently no matter what day of the week due to better connection opportunities and more O&D pax in the market.

3-class 777 only nets about 18 seats in economy, 1 in business and 8 first class seats compared to the future 2-class 767-400. Depending on the type and available crew rest pods: 1 to 2 fc seats will be crew rest and 4 biz class seats may become crew rest or 6 economy seats becomes crew rest. Overall with the 777, you will have a net decrease in economy seats and increase in premium seats. Also, this will probably become a domestic free-upgrade flight like ORD-HNL and DEN-HNL when on sUA metal.

When all is said and done, the new configuration will be 39/203 on all 767-400s. In the end, I believe it can be served with a smaller 2-class 767-300. I would not be surprised to see a 66xx nose number begin servicing this route in 2014.

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