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Topic: UA Widebody Fleet Utlization Post 787 Return
Username: STT757
Posted 2013-05-18 14:06:40 and read 6644 times.

Once the six 787s return to service for UA they will take over (once again) for 777s this Summer operating:

LAX-NRT (sUA 3 class)
LAX-PVG (sUA 3 class)
IAH-LOS (sCO two class).

What will UA do with the extra slack in the 777 fleet once the 787s return, maintenance, spares, new / up gauging routes?

Topic: RE: UA Widebody Fleet Utlization Post 787 Return
Username: cosyr
Posted 2013-05-18 15:34:24 and read 6405 times.

Replace the flights being operated by 762's for a start. They were supposed to be retired by the 1st quarter.

Topic: RE: UA Widebody Fleet Utlization Post 787 Return
Username: CALPSAFltSkeds
Posted 2013-05-18 20:33:13 and read 5968 times.

Those 772s, 2 sUA routes and 1 sCO may provide the slack to cover for and allow conversion of 3 sUA 772A units in old international configuration to Domestic/Hawaiian configuration.

The three 772A units will join 6 current Domestic/Hawaiian 772s that will need reconfiguration to the yet to be announced 772A Hawaiian config. Maybe more than one mod line will be set up. The 787 groundings has undoubtedly delayed this reconfiguration.

Yes the 762s will be gone real soon, but they have probably been replaced by the 14 sUA 763ERs that are now in 2 class. The 762s aren't flying much TATL or SA flying right now.

Depending on how the 772A Hawaiian units are flown, there may be some 764 units released for TATL service - all 764s are going Lie Flat intl with the second to last one in HKG now.

When all is done, there will be three 772A widebodies going from international to domestic, 14 763ERs have gone from Domestic/Hawaii to International, up to 4 764s will have gone from hawaii to International. That's up to a net of 15 new international widebodies. The up to 15 units mostly are a result of 753s taking over West coast-Hawaii and 739s/752s taking over some domestic runs.

I didn't mention the 762 and 788, but as I see it, in the short term the 762s are pretty much a trade out on 788s as far as international fleet count and seats.

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