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Topic: If Those 767/757s Crashed Into Nuclear Facilities?
Username: Bobcat
Posted 2001-09-16 23:19:05 and read 1547 times.

If those 767/757s crashed into nuclear facilities?

What kind of damage would we be looking at now? I assume nuclear power plants
are much better built than the WTC...

Also, someone commented on one of those
sunday news talk shows that the effects of
the dust from WTC is like a small nuclear
blast... in that many survivors and folks
who live around NYC will be affected by
by the asbestos particles in the dust clouds. The asbestos construction materials were covered up using an encapsulating process, because it was too costly to completely remove it.

Topic: RE: If Those 767/757s Crashed Into Nuclear Facilities?
Username: Juul
Posted 2001-09-16 23:25:50 and read 1518 times.

Nuclear powerplants, unlike the WTC, are specifically designed to withstand a plane crash. So normally, nothing worse than what we're seeing now (as if that isn't bad enough...)

Topic: RE: If Those 767/757s Crashed Into Nuclear Facilities?
Username: Heavymetal
Posted 2001-09-16 23:29:39 and read 1513 times.

A relative used to be a security advisor to construction concerns that built atomic power plants. One of the specs was that the reactor building had to withstand the "direct impact of a fully loaded 747".

Keep in mind that containment domes around reactors are usually concrete and steel thats not thick in terms of inches but in terms of feet.

As far as asbestos, yes. Asbestos fibers get into the lung and stick...their shape is arrowlike which means the lung can't expell them once they're lodged, nor can the body's defense mechanisms destroy them. What happens is the body works to destroy the fiber so hard, that it ends up destroying the area around the fiber. This forms lung cancer and kills the person.

It will be a sorry statistic in twenty or thirty years to find out how many people may have really died on Tuesday.

Topic: RE: If Those 767/757s Crashed Into Nuclear Facilities?
Username: Ned Kelly
Posted 2001-09-16 23:35:55 and read 1496 times.

Let's not go here, has already had a lot of "bad press" over discussions on hypothetical disaster scenarios this week already.

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