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Topic: How Good Is Delta Air Lines?
Username: FKHUL
Posted 1999-11-20 01:07:48 and read 2265 times.

I love Delta , but I was wondering what other people thought.

Topic: RE: How Good Is Delta Air Lines?
Username: Dc-9-10
Posted 1999-11-20 20:57:31 and read 2192 times.

ill give them a c+ not great but acceptable

Topic: RE: How Good Is Delta Air Lines?
Username: ComairFlyr
Posted 1999-11-21 07:12:55 and read 2187 times.

What? Delta is the best of the domestic US carriers. Delta has the best route structure, aircraft, flight attendants and pilots in the industry. We also have a very strong international route structure. Delta's grade should be no less than an A- !

Topic: RE: How Good Is Delta Air Lines?
Username: Dazed767
Posted 1999-11-21 07:49:39 and read 2180 times.

I love Delta, I fly them all the time. Although I've noticed the service has went down a little over the years, they are great. Delta is my first choice for an airline.

Topic: RE: How Good Is Delta Air Lines?
Username: ScottPhillips
Posted 1999-11-21 23:06:14 and read 2174 times.

From personal experience, having lived in ATL 2 years back, I wouldn't give Delta a rating over average or a couple points below average. Now that I live in PHX, I I can get anywhere I want without even touching Delta and have a better choice internationally because I can make easy connections at other major airlines hubs.

Topic: RE: How Good Is Delta Air Lines?
Username: Dstc47
Posted 1999-11-22 00:48:40 and read 2172 times.

I used to admire DL a lot and it saddens me to see their slow decline from a great airline into an indifferent one.

Their international service is at the usual US level, ie better than third world carriers but far worse than most european carriers offer. Their domestic service has followed other US majors downhill, especially in food service in long sectors, a particular factor for international travellers who may not have eaten for a long time, due to changing terminals, gates, clearing immigration and then wind up on a connecting service with no time to grab anything.

ATL is something of a zoo, worsened by tight scheduling of incoming connections which underestimate transit times. Cincinnati is much better.

They still have a lot of nice staff working for them, particularly at TPA, where the gate agents always seem friendly and efficient. You do get the impression however that the airline does not value them as much as they used to do.

Topic: RE: How Good Is Delta Air Lines?
Username: D328-Jet
Posted 1999-11-22 02:53:13 and read 2166 times.

Delta Airlines is a great airline but I think they made a really bad dicision when they decided to cancel their order of 777's, I mean I know it was pretty much the pilot's who are at fault because of money issues but if you want my oppinion I think they should have hired some new pilots who would gladly accept the $300,000 + paycheck.

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