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Topic: Layout Of LAX
Username: Johnboy
Posted 2001-10-09 05:24:36 and read 1530 times.

This past Sunday, I was departing LAX on WN 498 (LAX-PHX-SDF), and noticed a large parcel of land with several unoccupied, individual jetways at the FAR western end of the airport (beyond the maintenance hangars). Upon reflection, I now seem to remember seeing a 747 pulled up to one of these. However no terminal was present. What's up with this? Cargo? VIP area?

PS Also saw a couple of snazzy Shandong Airways/Airlines 737s at the PHX/Sky Harbor AMS nee Dynetech maintenance area. Nice looking.

Topic: RE: Layout Of LAX
Username: Tom in NO
Posted 2001-10-09 05:34:35 and read 1494 times.

Those are remote gates. As I recall, passengers board busses (after clearing security), which then then go out to these remote gates, and load their flights.

I'm also thinking that the area might be used for aircraft that have longer layouver periods.

Tom in NO (at MSY)

Topic: RE: Layout Of LAX
Username: Airtahitinui
Posted 2001-10-09 06:01:28 and read 1481 times.

I can confirm that. Air Tahiti Nui uses these remote gates since they fly out of LAX only twice a week. Actually when you check in you are directed to a Delta gate and then brought down to the tarmac where you get on a bus and they haul you across the airport all the way to the westmost area where you enter a "mini-termial" and climb aboard.

Topic: RE: Layout Of LAX
Username: Ryu2
Posted 2001-10-09 06:19:05 and read 1461 times.

Even planes that have their own terminals will often use the remote gates when Tom Bradley International Terminal is full (which happens often during midday)

Topic: RE: Layout Of LAX
Username: Hawaiian717
Posted 2001-10-09 10:54:52 and read 1442 times.

The inside of the little buildings have just two things: An elevator and a ramp that snakes back and forth a couple of times so you can walk from the ground level up to the level of the jetway.

I flew on an Omni Air International DC-10 that used the remote stands back in June. The passengers gathered at gate 22A in Terminal 2, which is normally used for passengers to take a shuttle over to the American Eagle terminal (Northwest and Hawaiian codeshare on the Eagle flights out of LAX). When it was time to start boarding, we went down the steps to ground level and boarded buses that took us out to the remotes.

David / SAN

Topic: RE: Layout Of LAX
Username: Timdapup22
Posted 2001-10-09 13:42:18 and read 1426 times.

when Air new zealand failed to pay gate fees in LAX, they shoved us on busses to remote gates..
there was a guy who looked like bill gates on that flight

strange the things I remember..

Topic: RE: Layout Of LAX
Username: Johnboy
Posted 2001-10-12 10:17:11 and read 1396 times.

Thanks for the info! There were quite a few Qantas 744s and a couple of Air NZ 744s parked in this general area, so it's obviously used for remote parking also. Still, a very strange sight indeed to see several jetways attached to nothing at all.

Topic: Airtahitnui & Timdapup22
Username: ETA Unknown
Posted 2001-10-12 16:14:29 and read 1381 times.

Air Tahiti Nui now checks in at the Swissair desk at the Tom Bradley Terminal as of last June.

Don't know about NZ not paying gate fees- admittedly I was bussed out to a NZ 744 for a LAX-NAN-AKL flight in February, but I saw several NZ aircraft parked at Terminal 2 the previous day.

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