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Topic: History Of Air Force One
Username: Sushka
Posted 2001-10-22 23:50:37 and read 3107 times.

In my US History class another I was given an assignment to find out if the current 747 (E35) was the first Air Force One plane. I of course knew about the 707 but my teacher wants me to find out if there were any other ones before that. (she didnt know about the 707) I have been looking all over and found nothing about the history so I was wondering if someone could be so kind to provide me with all the Air Force One planes and possibly thier regos.

Thanks for any help!

Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: YP6370
Posted 2001-10-22 23:58:24 and read 3069 times.

I think I've found the information you need:

Presidential air transport began in 1944 when a C-54 -- the "Sacred Cow" -- was put into service for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Then came the "Independence," a DC-6 (Liftmaster), which transported President Harry S. Truman during the period 1947 to 1953. President Dwight D. Eisenhower traveled aboard the "Columbine II" and "Columbine III" from 1953 to 1961. While the call sign "Air Force One" was first used in the 50s, President Kennedy's VC-137 (Boeing 707) was the first aircraft to be popularly known as "Air Force One."

In 1962, a C-137C specifically purchased for use as Air Force One, entered into service with the tail number 26000. It is perhaps the most widely known and most historically significant presidential aircraft. Tail number 26000 is the aircraft that carried President Kennedy to Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963, and returned the body to Washington, D.C., following his assassination. Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office as the 36th president on board the aircraft at Love Field in Dallas. This fateful aircraft also was used to return President Johnson's body to Texas following his state funeral Jan. 24, 1973.

In 1972 President Richard M. Nixon made historic visits aboard 26000 to the People's Republic of China in February and to the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in May. Tail number 27000 replaced 26000 and carved its own history when it was used to fly Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter to Cairo, Egypt, Oct. 19, 1981, to represent the United States at the funeral of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Tail number 26000 was retired May 1998, and is on display at the U.S. Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

The first VC-25A -- tail number 28000 -- flew as "Air Force One" on Sept. 6, 1990, when it transported President George Bush to Kansas, Florida and back to Washington, D.C. A second VC-25A, tail number 29000 transported Presidents Clinton, Carter and Bush to Israel for the funeral of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The VC-25A will usher presidential travel into the 21st century, upholding the proud tradition and distinction of being known as "Air Force One."


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Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: Tu154m
Posted 2001-10-23 00:13:14 and read 3052 times.

If anyone ever gets near Dayton, OH it is worth going to the USAF Museum at Wright-Patt AFB. All Air Force Ones are there up to the 707 and you can go into all of them. To see the rest of the museum, plan all is huge.

Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: Serge
Posted 2001-10-23 00:14:31 and read 3050 times.

Yes... and in Dayton, Ohio they have Kennedy's and others planes on display.. you can even go in them! I touched the belly of the plane that bombed Nagasaki (sp?)...scary isn't it?

Everyone has to go to Dayton, Ohio....! I can't even describe it....


Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: Skyhawk
Posted 2001-10-23 00:41:26 and read 3040 times.

First of all your teacher isn"t all there in history if she didn't know something as simple as this. While you were given the information, it can also be found at Good luck and let us know your grade-should be an "A" with everybody here helping you out!

Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: Bernard Shakey
Posted 2001-10-23 02:01:55 and read 3030 times.

Colonel Albertazzi (spelling) who flew Air Force One for Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford wrote a book of his experiences, of which I don't know the name. I think it may be "The Flying White House" or something to that effect. In it, the history of US presidents in flight is covered in great detail beginning with the 1st to fly in office (Franklin Roosevelt flew to Africa on Pan Am during WWII). You will find it to be the authority on the subject.

Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: Sushka
Posted 2001-10-23 02:14:05 and read 3031 times.

Hey thankls guys for your help!
Now Ill do good on the assignment.

Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: IMissPiedmont
Posted 2001-10-23 04:08:56 and read 3012 times.

The title `Air force One' does not apply to a specific aircraft. It is a call sign given to the fixed wing aircraft which the POTUS is on.

The term came about in the late fifties. Ike was on board his assigned Constellation. The Air Force palnes at the time were called `xxxx', the four numbers being the last four of the AF registration. At the same time an EA Connie, with a flight number the same as the Columbine was in the air, using the same center. The controller said "xxxx, turn (whatever), decsend/ascend to altitude X. There was a bit of confusion as to which airplane he was refering to. It was quickly decided that the POTUS should have an immediatley identifiable call sign. Hence Air Force One came into existance.

The first jet that carried a US President was 58-6971. Don't argue, the pilot of this is a volunteer at the Pima Air and Space Museum. He told me that he personally flew Ike twice on board this airplane. This is before 62-6000 or 72-7000 were delivered.

The primary Air Force One, from 1962 until the delivery of the VC-25 in August 1900, was one of the above. As the 707 was incapable of landing at smaller airports such as HYA, LGA and many other airports, VC-118A 53-3240 was added to the presidential fleet. This aircraft carried both Kennedy and Johnson.

Now the VC-25As serve as the sole presidential aircraft. Clinton even used the 747 when he went to the Grand Canyon. What a sight that was.

As I do not choose to write a complete dissertation of the history of all aircraft involved I leave you, Shuska, to research from here. Besides, I don't feel like looking up all the info.

Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: Tan flyr
Posted 2001-10-23 15:06:18 and read 2995 times.

Just to add to an earlier post of I missPiedmont...President Eisenhower went on an around the world trip in late 59 or early 60 aboard the first 707 assigned to presidential duty. One of the Discovery Channels has a great video on the history of AF1 also. Try to check it out. Good lUck!

Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: JayDavis
Posted 2001-10-24 06:51:03 and read 2969 times.

It is also my understanding that when the POTUS goes to Europe, both planes, the 747's go along, so one can be used as a backup. On top of that, they bring a 757 along to back up the back up about a plan !!

There is also a good video on the Learning Channel about the "new" Air Force One and shows all the modern conveniences. It is either the Learning Channel or ABC as I remember watching it.

What a way to fly !


Topic: RE: History Of Air Force One
Username: LY744
Posted 2001-10-24 13:32:07 and read 2957 times.


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