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Topic: Where Are CityBird's Aircraft?
Username: Aerokid
Posted 2001-10-24 21:24:40 and read 1938 times.

Well, I don't think the title needs further explanation. I've been to BRU today (haven't been there for quite a while) and didn't see a single one of them on the apron.

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Topic: RE: Where Are CityBird's Aircraft?
Username: TriStar
Posted 2001-10-24 21:30:48 and read 1927 times.

Here's one of them, courtesy of (photo by A. Hertmans):

Topic: RE: Where Are CityBird's Aircraft?
Username: Spyderz
Posted 2001-10-24 21:37:11 and read 1917 times.

I know during the summer a CityBird Md-11 was being repared and then sat around out here in Abbostford, BC Canada. I pretty sure this is still there, but obviously the CityBird long-range fleet was gone a little while ago. Anyways, thats one ex-CityBird aircraft.

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